Builder Features

I like the idea of blueprints - but there would have to be new functionality in the game to enable it to work properly - a bit like a LEGO creator machine (which itself could be improved over time with skills, investment, for bigger builds, more blocks, etc… but I digress). Either it would allow the builder to create something in-game without having to actually build it, or if they did actually build it (and ‘save’ that blueprint), it would allow buyers to browse without actually having to visit the build itself.

I’d definitely dedicate an area of Grump Store version X to a blueprint browsing area, and I think it’d be cool to add builders to the trading supply chain in this way.

But back (a bit) more on-topic - footfall. Actually, I’d like to explore a concept whereby the settlement taxation replaces footfall entirely. So service-providers that don’t earn directly (eg builders, portal-maintainers) can be automatically assigned a percentage of tax income by the Warden for services provided; this could extend to other residents (gatherers, traders, etc) at the Warden’s discretion in order to attract them to the settlement, but wouldn’t necessarily be as standard.

Additionally, the Warden’s role at the moment lacks gameplay - so adding this concept to other things I’ve suggested before (amenity placement, such as trading price monitors; or district buffs to give bonuses to crafters/hunters/traders etc) could really redefine a Warden more as a person that ‘builds’ and looks after the settlement - rather than just a vanity title that it is now.


Back off topic - if you could drag a screenshot to the “additional text” area of a sign (or the addition of dedicated picture frames) one could display the original work above blueprint selling stand :smiley:

I am going to split this off into two topics I think…

I always thought these were valuable at some point:

  • Selling Builds - Players do this now on the forums but being able to tag plots and mark them and the contents inside for sale would be useful.
  • Blueprints - Players can tag plots and create a blueprint and sell it to another player. That player can go around with the blueprint and fill in “ghost” blocks with real blocks.
  • Prefabs - Players can tag a plot as a prefab which they can sell to other players or use themselves to quickly place a custom prefab. Imagine building detailed walls quickly because you can copy and paste with a prefab. :smiley:

i was thinking, reguarding the mayor/viceroy positions wich, as i’ve well understood, are planetary…

what if we breakdown it to regions? we already have planets subdivided in regions, so theoretically we could have a regional and a planetary prestige rank on one side while having, on the other side, a different kind of importance for what is a planetary capital

concepts breakdown and what in my opinions each concept implies:
planets there will be a great quantities of planets and more will be added as it will become necessary/wanted
guilds should be self-explanatory, but to form a guild a couple of prerequisite are necessary wich in my mind are: an inhabitated region that you “reserve” and a settlment with a prestige of X (very high, very difficult to reach it alone but tranquilly doable with other 5 or 6 people), the head-in-charge of the guild is also the mayor of his guild setllment. In this way you have cities. To reserve a region you must pay for it and it’s costs depend by the dimension of the region itself and how many other guilds are in the planets. The “shop” that sells regions are npc (it can be a tecnological stone with a menu). A guild may have only one settlement and cannot have settlments in other planets; the maximum number of reservable regions on a planet should be like 35-/40% of the total number of regions (originally subdividing the planets in smaller regions could help to reach an equilibrium) and the same guild cannot reserve more than a region. the mayor, wich is the guild’s boss, gain the revenues of taxations in the regions and because of this will be able to spend coins for the community. two consecutive regions cannot hold 2 guilds (there will always be an not reservable region between 2 guilds settlment). once you have reserved the region, it is still “wild” and only beaconed plots of it will not regen as it is now.
capital city the capital city concept is related to the region with the highest number of beacons of different accounts - or any other index that is related to the highest concentration of people or the highest coins exchange (handtrade included), making it the “natural” market of the planet. the mayor of the capital city is determined monthly by votations (a stone where you can vote or sign your name to be voted); the mayor of the capital city will not receive revenues from taxation, but will get "donations"for the city and will be able to craft/place a special beacon that determines the “common areas” like streets, squares and take care about the city development. a good mayor will be naturally selected/voted as one who is able to manage future city expansion, to ask people to move theyr beacon to make a larger common area on wich more people can set theyr shops etc. - obviously you would never vote a mayor who do nothing to make everybody (or the largest number possible) of people happy.

i just post this as an idea to try a different approach on the whole, there can be a lot of details to add… it’s just an idea to “cut away” the connection between single-owner of a huge numbers of plots with high prestige and mayor/viceroy and theyr related coins income, there would not be footfall from streets and a capital will not get advantage from one owner owning very big plots (as this would lower the population index and so the coins exchange per people ratio)

still you ll have prestige rank and the possibility to own a very big plot settlemnt of your own in a different planets from where your guild is related, or many of this properties as you buy plots etc. or you buy plots to enlarge the guild settlment inside the region etc…

overhall just proposing a different approach


@luke-turbulenz pls do it, so the conversation can be better pointed and less stagnant to prove or not this or that point