Building a location token archive for every natural block in the game for the new player center (and need YOUR help!)

No particular rock spots, but I can cover most Storis tokens. Ill work on collecting a set of those for you.

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Got some places from maryx, will drop them tomorrow o your basket

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I have 6 big inky fields with plot protection over it on Imoco, I can give you token for it if you want @DKPuncherello


Hey @DKPuncherello, I’ve just donated 100 tokens named “RAXXA - ASH/DIRT/SAND”.

It’s my own public farm zone for :
Ash - Hot orange
Sand - Pale tan
Silty Soil - Hot tan
Clay Soil - Dark green

I’ve plotted above all of these ressources to protect them, since I go quite often to shovel them up.

I’m currently making sure each of these ressources has a 1x1 typical Raxxian build acting like a lighthouse.

And of course, the Raxxian Sanctuary is connected via a portal to the Ash Farm Outpost.

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@Goblinounours is Raxxian like an Oortian culture?

In my headcanon, the original Raxxian people were Oortian who are long gone. All that’s left is some temple in ruins.
More recently, new creatures fled from oppression and arrived on Raxxa, which they thought was bountiful, so they took over the ruins. They discovered the old Oort codex, learned of their architecture and methods, and they are slowly trying to rebuild the Oortian society of Raxxa, one brick at a time.
Long ago, the Raxxian Sanctuary might’ve been a monastery, a place to reflect. Now, it aspires to be a town.

Also, saying “Raxxian” seems like a neat way to show our world-pride. Plus, it sounds cool.
Did that answer your question?


Can we combine things in one token? Or would you like a separate named token per item, but maybe in the exact same spot?

I have no preference, do as you please. :wink:

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You can combine things in one token that’s fine

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As i am still working on the central part of Terra Nova (TNT Lamblis) its still in the planing process and has to be build still but the plan is to add lava farm(s) and mines to the city/hub under it. Don’t know if its a good resource location but still its the plan. Might have to add a other location for “ground” resources but until i have build it I should be able to provide some tokens for that then. If you guys like.

Ill do my best to hurry up construction. (Sleep less, no bathroom breaks, stop eating, :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:).


In May 2019 there was an announcement of a allplanet block museum which looked very similar. I did visit it and it was quite nice.

Is this project a follower or is the mentioned museum already expired ?

I don’t think there is one that has location tokens - unless you mean Legend’s which is gone