Building a location token archive for every natural block in the game for the new player center (and need YOUR help!)

Hi all!

Part of boundless university / the new player welcome centre will include a world block museum. I’d like to revive iLegend’s location token idea for farms - not only would the museum have examples of every natural block in the game, it would also have location tokens for where to farm each block.

Locations for gem, metal, coal, fossil and tech farms would probably also be helpful to players new and old alike.

This can include single plot “farms”, unplotted areas and fancy fully built farm hubs.

Can people start putting together “care packages” of their location tokens please? I will put out location token baskets by TNT tana and TNT eresho tomorrow. I’ll also talk to @MrNiX and @envy77 about putting baskets at TNT hub. It would be most helpful if you can make 100 copies of any token you submit, to give us a running start, but any number is ok.

I would say a good naming convention for tokens would be “planetname - resourcename - colorname” or “planetname - resourcename” but I am open to suggestions.

This is for every permanent planet, every block type, every color available.

Also if anybody wants to help with curating this collection (making copies of tokens and replenishing stands) once it opens, or helping with the university in any other way (designing building, chiseling, mats, coin, ideas) let me know! There is lots to do and it will truly be a community effort.


I would like to suggest the following:
F-T1-Dzassak-Cool Grey Gravel
(Farm-Tier 1 World-Colour Resource)

After the token is used, the location will be sorted by F (farm), world, colour then the resource name.

I’ve been using that name convention for my personal farms


This is very close to what I do as well when I snag farm locations from baskets or save them. Organizes it so well in my opinion.

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No problem, we can add baskets. Also, we have the original Legendton tokens or at least most of them.

I was going to this before, but I stopped cause people say we shouldn’t be giving everything in .hand to people because you ruin the fun of exploring lol

Guess I’ll keep going with it along you

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The thing with that though is we wouldn’t necessarily give it to them but rather they can take it if they want :slight_smile:

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Let’s make sure we protect the areas we share to keep them open for public, I’m fairly sure that if we share a good unprotected place some one will plot it…


I spoke to DK and stuck in a bunch of locations for diamonds on malurialakrib, amethyst/silver on nork, and topaz on galan.

They all have single plots inside the hotspots, so if they get claimed il report them for surrounding my beacon


I have one sapphire mine at Ultima. It’s a very good spot

Are you wanting each color of each block possible or block type?

I don’t understand the difference?

Do you only want a single block type or one from each world of all the colors

All worlds all colors
Good q. Updating post

Can we have a checklist of what it’s already tokened (lol) ?

I can start running over all the planets looking for farms, I already do it for exos I think I have enough experience for this job :crazy_face::sunglasses:

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Sure I’m just getting started though. Maybe wait a few weeks for tokens to come in before you do this :blush:

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i kinda want to help! I’ll make a world museum . I got the idea from looking at the TNT legendville portal when it was shut down and just glass

Yup we are working on that :blush: it’s gonna be awesome!
Baskets now up at TNT tana, TNT Eresho and TNT main hub

Mind if i help? i have a design for the world museum. I may also need rock, gleam,foliage, and wood for each planet

I imagine you probably do not need rock tokens? considering all three colors/types are under your feet everywhere on planet…

I’m going to do rock tokens just to have good spots and save people time. Got any spots?