Building a new workshop

yeah i find it small too, i got about 25k plots spare, i should expand right… :thinking:
its only 5k plots :man_shrugging: and yeah only 20% done (ish)

its called decoy :shushing_face:


Hmm your workshop is only rank 4 on the world. Seems like it’s too small


WOW!! Awesome!

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Seems to small for him :smirk:

whatever :rofl:

Once he will rule the world :wink:

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What does hi mean hi means hello people don’t say once hello will rule
The world

Now have a look! :wink:

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Yeah he will well till I rise in power :wink::smirk: I have more plans than all of you combined

P.s I am very good at strategy I will rule you all also my cat butterball is my enforcer he takes out my competition
Good piece of advice do not cross me

Also seriously once is not grammatically correct

Yes, those “commas” are really difficult… especially when they are totally missing (good luck reading).


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Ok I’m all fairness comma are more so optional than once when it comes to grammar in forums it doesn’t really need punctuation but does need words to at least attempt to be put correctly

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So I’m making a New Workshop with tons more machines I was kurious about something should I make a workshop all in one spot or make my entire city a workshop have different areas all the machines I’m planning to at least have 100 of each machine

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What does this mean? XO for building? Using?

The 2nd option,

I would even go so far as to build buildings that only do 1 thing so like you have a marble building with the extractors for essence, mixers for boding agent and then refineries for marble…

Then a building dedicated to making bricks for mixers compactors and furnaces…

so that you know why you went into that part of the workshop… the problem i have with a big single workshop is i forget what im doing after a couple of days… with buildings that only make one thing you know you were making bricks if you go into the brick building…


I meant, how is the experience triggered from crafting in the machines. From my experience so far, it seems related to the radius compared to the machine. My machines are “standing”.


I found 6 blocks works… if you put them vertically you can stick one row of machines 1 block apart then stick another row of machines 6 blocks apart from that row and you can walk against one side with out triggering the machines on the other side

you can also stick them horizontally with the same 6 block gap just make sure you walk in the block right next to the machines…


and if you stick them horizontally you can just put them in a plot under your exist base and when people walk on the top floor it wont trigger

so the distance is either 4 or 5, but i never bothered testing it more than this.



BTW, just found out that strangers wandering around your machines does trigger the XP. Lost 2 levels today due to that :smiley:


There are some other threads about this too I love that people keep testing for it. In the beginning I had no idea about this and it took me a long time to figure out what was going on since my workshop was built like this:

And upstairs there is a portal hub and shop stands like this (same spot 1 level up):

This had people running 3 blocks above the coils (5 from the machine body) so whenever I logged in, I would get a random amount of my experience all at once, then have to collect the rest.

At the time when I built this, though, the teaching pie was still a timed buff so it didn’t seem that important :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I have them in rows by type. Full coils puts them in every third block, and a one plot spread means just enough spread to decide whether to collect one row, or two at once. If I actually have that much stuff going on heh.