Building a Pirate Ship!

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Time for the second build! This time we’re getting in the pirate spirit and making a pirate ship! :smiley:

Remember friends, this is not a tutorial… don’t do anything I do, it will lead you to bad things!


Trampoline blocks will indeed have frames around them. You can’t chisel them either, so it’d be hard to build sails out of them.

Bright sails would be nice, out of something without seams, and preferably out of something that doesn’t look like metal, rocks or stone.

My suggestions would be either red sand from Vulpto, or bright yellow sand from Nasharil.


Someone from the andoweem town has built a boat, they used metamorphic rock walls. It worked pretty well

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At a distance metaphoric rock looks great. It smooths out and would make for awesome white sails. It’s just up close where it doesn’t look so good, at least not anything like cloth.

I suppose you could orient it so the smooth upper and lower faces of the rock are facing outward. That might work.

Oh, and there’s a town on Andooweem?

There’s an entire thread about it

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Just use white gleam, make it stand out :smiley:

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white gleam isn’t in the game, but cream gleam sure is


Sorry guys! The last week has been crazy busy, haven’t had the chance to jump on here! I’m liking the cream gleam idea, I thought about metamorphic rocks, but now I can’t help but think a glowing pirate ship would be SUPER COOL! :smiley:

Working on it today!


@Steggs101 When you are done building your pirate ship, I know of a watery area in Elo Portas that could use a broken up ole sunken ship…:yum:


Finally part 2 is here! Working on a bit of shaping, and building up the captain’s quarters & masts! (Are they called masts!?)

@EnisledLady A sunken ship eh!? I’ll see if I can figure something out!


Aye matey! Masts they are! :wink:


Therka Market, Septerfon, Gleam, Pirate Ships, confusion, slight rage. This probably sums up most of these videos :smiley:

Who made the cool portal thing in the market!??!


Today we’re figuring out how to work the Chisel! It goes… interestingly!


Yay I am in the video :slight_smile:

Steggs101, you did not mention anything about my advice to put a big S in the front sail ?!
I gave you blue and yellow gleam for it so you could pick the colour for the S yourself.



I was gunna wait until the next video to do it!! :smiley: (I also had to be careful of the video length :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s gunna look super awesome!


COOOL. (And don’t take me seriously when I say that you need to STOP SHOUTING.)

Stay yourself and I will watch your videos.

Need another Titanium Hammer ?


Guys… I am so awful at building, I apologise for this video in advance.

(I’ll be doing the boundless builds tour next week, recorded it today) :smiley:


Hey @Steggs101, just got done watching your video. Your ship is shaping up nicely. I wanted to chime in with some tips for your sails;

This is how you have yours;

And this is how I’d do them;

If you prefer that method, you can achieve the angled slant with these chisels;

As for the ‘S’, I’d go with simple digital font. It’s much cleaner and easier to read. You also wouldn’t have to emboss it;

Trust you to make things far more complicated than they have to be! Hope that helped, bud.

Edit; Erm… @Scratchnwiff… I made a mess on your island…


I am so happy that I advized him to put a “S” on the sail. LOL

( look at him struggle :smiling_imp: )


Can’t wait for the next one. It’s gonna be longer than usual or 15 parts

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