Building a Settlement: Bakery - NEW VIDEO

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Hey Boundlessians, I hope you’re all excited for the weekend and staying in with a Boundless marathon! Or being weird and anti-social and going outside for… fresh air?? Someone told me what fresh air was. Sounds gross.

But I added a new build to my settlement, a bakery! It’s split into 3 parts, a basement to make the goods, a ground floor to sell the goods, and an upstairs for the bakers to “live”!

I had LOTS of issues with making this video, mainly way I haven’t uploaded in nearly a week, and an issue that I had to leave in was that the first 90 seconds of audio didn’t make it through the render - no idea why that happend, perfectly fine in pre, not there in post… But the rest of the HOUR LONG episode was intact!

I plant to make these episodes 20-30 minutes, but the first episode (this one) is an hour - still learning :smiley:


Very nice.
Try diff colored furnace bases with foliage (potted plant), helps fill a little space.
I didn’t watch full hour so you may even have something like that.

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Cheers mate :slight_smile: Oooh thats a great idea, I’ll try that out for sure!

Don’t worry, I don’t truly expect anyone to watch the entire thing. I just put too much time into it to not upload it/reshoot it :laughing:

Nice, man. I liked the bed covers block choice! :grin:

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Thankyou! I remember going hunting on Bers and thinking “this ash would make a good carpet” - but it turns out it makes a better duvet :smile:

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It really did! I was just thinking the other day “i never use ash in builds” but some of the colors are so vivid. Pretty awesome

Yeh I’m not a big fan of vivid colors in builds (why I don’t really use gleam) but for interior, I think it works :slight_smile:

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It was a very nice build video indeed. Maybe I should try a similar approach next time … not doing a speedup thingie but trying to talk folks through it. Problem is … my latest building took me like 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue: