Building a Tardis Video Guide

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Hey everyone, now that im gettling close to 100 Tardis across the universe of Boundless, I figured id put out a little guide for anyone who wanted to watch or learn how to build their own Tardis ingame.

How to Build a Tardis Video Guide

Love you all and hope you are all well
<3 Jaidic


well done ! :slight_smile:
but 100 ? ^^

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im around 80-90, i cant remember without visiting them all. not all are on my plots so i cant just check beacons :crazy_face:

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now thats commitment ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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wait a sec, you had really huge Tardis at Groviidias, is it still there?

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Im not the only person who builds tardis, but mine are all the same material and dimensions (except my collection of unique custom ones on norky Tardis Town). my largest ones are on Serp containing a giant gleam farm and refineries, and Norky at my Tardis Town.

I know 3 other players who also build tardis, but they tend to build 1 and done, and they dont look the same as mine


We need one at Dragon’s Lair =)


Ill b there either tonight or tomorrow <3


We have the perfect spot =)

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Dragon’s Lair Tardis Done :partying_face:


Am i the only one who loves finding these tardis when out and exploring?
They’re one of the builds i take note of when i see one in the wild.

Great stuff @Jaidic :+1:

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