Building a very very very huge / big wall in wardin to protect the coming temple village - maybe someone likes heartly to help?

Hello all from Heart

Building a huge Temple-Complex and a very huge / big wall around (over 864 m diameters) - the wall has 11 m diameters… And is ca. 111 m high. So…

I’m really happy with heartly help. So… If someone heartly likes to help, i’m open and thankful.

The source of this is the “Tibetan Buddhism”.

Best Wishes

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Good luck. just remember that there is a maximum buildheight for the game. also why would you do that?

If I saw a wall that big, I would think griefers built it and then tear it down. Be sure to make the wall interesting, good luck. And can’t wait to see the temple when it’s finished.

yeah that is kinda the thing isnt it? what is the difference on this dude and a ‘‘griefer’’ building a wall? can we build anything as long as we publicly announce it? its odd to say the least.

I suppose as long as you build it within your own space, beaconed or not, to where it doesn’t impeded on someone else, then it’s ok. But if this wall is in anyway going to interfere with those around you, then that may be viewed as griefing.

It’s in a save place…

But, if - there is negative resonance -, I’ll delete this post and the request.

It isn’t 111 m high. It goes until 111 ingame high (exl. towers).

nah i think its a great idea, i just hope you can get it beaconed, if people get used to it then there are no problems. but it is a bit tricky defining what is griefing and what has a purpose. if you build a huge wall and there is a big building inside then there most likely wont be too much of a problem. but still. keep it in mind that some people might assume that it is griefing.


Thank you.

There is over one km no one and it’s at the end of a world (and, … in this world are only six … or so players now… - and we know each other :smile: )… I’m try to be mindful and careful.

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Assume it and then try to remove it. Especially if it becomes a problem for them or their travels.

If you do want a temple that is completely surrounded and for the most part excluded from the rest of the world, why not build underground? Then you can have all the space you want, all the light you want, and it should be left alone peacefully?

No problem. and thank you for the consideration, if you make it really epic then we might start an ingame tradition of doing pilgrimage to the temple since it is so far away. would be kinda cool wouldnt it? XD


well he has the right like everybody else to build what he wants as long as it considered offensive, if people dislike it then i dont think he should remove it, especially if he builds it pretty far away.

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Those people should mind their own business
who are they to say what is and is not griefing?
why should anyone need to ask permission so long as it isn’t being done TO one of their builds

look at it this way
if you built something (say a wall) and someone else came along and tore it down, THEY would be the griefer


I do agree with that as well. I believe the conversation was more whether or not announcing a wall was considered griefing. But as this wall in no way interferes with other players, (by usual griefing means of surrounding someone or building between two people for examples) then it is not griefing.

I think the post topic of “very very very huge wall” may just alarm people who have been griefed in this way.

ahhh… that is the problem isnt it? its an insanely vague definition. griefing is doing something with the intention to annoy somebody else. now how do you judge the intention of the builder.

imagine you have a small house. you have a beacon, if i build beacons around it so it was totally circled in and then build a wall that would make it impossible for you to get to your house. that wouldnt be griefing right?

or the huge wall ingame that said ■■■■ paradise. that isnt griefing either is it? he just made something he wanted to buiild. clearly the people who tore it down were the griefers, werent they?

you see the problem in such a vague definition?

Totally agree. And as this project does not fall into that category, then enjoy your wall!


And that’s my issue
The word “Griefing” has been thrown around VERY liberally in the forums lately and the tendency to police other people’s builds and assume griefing is becoming increasingly prevalent
and that is a dangerous trend
some questions that might be asked to determine if it is griefing

  1. Was it done with clear malicious intent
  2. did it destroy another person’s build

I don’t think annoyance is enough to make it griefing, rude and inconsiderate? maybe but not griefing


Yes, it would be a good idea. Thank you for this idea.


Did you just…