Building can be so frustrating at times

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I hope your day has been good so far! Today’s episode was a struggle let me tell you! So much frustration when things don’t end up looking good!

But life is about overcoming obstacles - and it tastes so much better when you had to work for it!

Next episode will take a bit longer to produce as I have to go to a funeral for the weekend and will not be able to play. But it’s fine, I will be able to look for some more ideas while traveling and come back full of ideas!

And as always, please leave feedback or comments! Ideas are highly welcomed as well!



This place is gorgeous, nice work!

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Love it! This style is really hard to do.

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As frustrating as building is at times. Clearly that frustration was totally worth it because your place is looking so awesome. :+1::+1::ok_hand: keep up that fantastic work. :raised_hands:

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my build on circ I think was 5M prestige, still #3 despite being gone for so long, but man, I was exhausted after a month of building, but I found need to upgrade it again after a genius notion it me, I could build my 4x4 processing centers on ALL FOUR corners if I just did a master workshop in 12x12 instead of my 10x10 I did it in. So, time I go back to da drawing board and do it all over…AGAIN!


Enjoyed the video as it reminded me why I fear building. After moving bases a few times, i truly fear it haha. I know it is all part of the game and part of why we play. We even refine our builds the more we do it. Something about it feels defeating though to pour your heart and time into a build then let it go. Anyway thanks for reminding me that I am not alone in the suffering. I started plotting a new land today and I can say I was on the brink of picking the beacon and giving up. This gave me hope. Some hope :laughing:.


Working on diagonal walls is so challenging.
Pain in the ass…

one thing is to make the chosen shape look kinda the same between diagonal and straight parts; yet another is the pattern on individual blocks, as some blocks pattern (for example metamorphic brick) looks really bad when slope-chiseled; going for bevel instead of slope means way more blocks to place and chisel then - lol, no easy way out

On another note: great music :sunglasses:


Oh wow so many responses! :star_struck: Gonna reply to all of you in the same email to avoid spamming the topic!

@Kelmat Thank you, very much appreciated!

@Zephidyon Glad you like it! And welcome back to the forums after 10 months!

@georgegroeg Gotta experience bad stuff now and again to appreciate the good stuff! And I will continue to do my best, certainly helps to have such a helpful guild master!

@VSDalSheron That build is huge! Don’t burn yourself out, slow and steady wins the race! Speaking of which, I really need to make a master workshop for myself…

@RedY3 Glad I could motivate you and good luck on your new project! I assume we will be seeing some screenshots of this in the near future? :slight_smile: Also, as long as we learn from the previous builds, losing something is not always bad! A new start may be just what is needed to find the spark again!

@boundmore Totally agree! This is why I always start with the straight parts first, to get an idea. But even that sometimes proves very difficult. And since I work with a lot of round-ish shapes, like arches, these become super difficult to include in diagonal builds, even with all the chiseling possibilities! And as you mention, pattern differences makes it even harder! Glad you like the music! I always try to use music that is not too over powering but still powerful enough to cause some emotions!

My inner kid just gets so excited every time I upload because of all the comments! Seriously, you are making a grown man very happy! I am so glad something I make also can motivate others! THANK YOU! :heart: :heart:


If I truly find the motivation to continue, then why not haha. You think people will be interested eh? Hmm maybe yeah.


I think all types of screenshots are great! People do some really creative things without them even realizing it themselves, so the more the better!

I personally check as many screenshots as I can, trying to find all kinds of stuff to improve my own game!


Risky game, risky game. I end up not satisfied with my build :joy::laughing:

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i’d be glad to help with some insight, go walking around inside mine for a basis for how I did mine, the stairwells are also a genius work of art and I am proud of them!

Once the castle is done and I got time to move on to the workshop project, I will come take a look for inspiration! @VSDalSheron