Building in December! Share your build and goals!

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Haha. Just wait until I buy myself some more plots for christmas and get some time to work on all my ideas. I have the tragic problem of having too many ideas and not enough time or hands to make them a reality


I love your stuff


Thank you. It’s just the two of us so I’m pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished


What about adding ramps, splits, and maybe dead ends? you could make a slide maze?


Managed to work on it some more!

Still got to figure out lighting and also there is quite of bit of detailing to do


Love your work. Great boat


Thanks your stuff is amazing too!


I am soo gonna die building this slide.


In between trying to finish the Dragon Ship, our guild is working towards finishing our workshop.
Trying to make it super efficient and organised!

Credit to Aanika as we took inspiration from the floor machine layout, eventually each machine will have a dedicated set of items it will be used for so we put shop stands in around them with mats needed for certain items.

Still a WIP!


I sooo wanted to do a firefly! But got lost in my usual mix of indecision and procrastination. Looking awesome, cant wait to see it finished! Holla if you need any mats that i can spare


I think we’re already through about 2000 refined and machined iron. Hope people can still make aoe hammers so I can still collect all the metal.

If you’ve got any ideas for it I’m welcome to hear them


I’ve nearly finished building the main base of the Exodus now… it’s almost time to start building upwards…!!!


First Shop build started…torn it down once already just want to get it perfect.