Building in December! Share your build and goals!

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Hello Everyone! We are in December, time to set goals and share progress with your builds! With big projects it can be helpful to set short-term goals to achieve over the month. Share your progress, goals and pictures in this thread for what you are working on in December!!

I started a new build in November, and I need to finish the roof. It is a game arena where you use bombs to knock a person off the central area! I can’t wait to showcase it.

For my main build, I did a lot of small things. My goal from November was to finish the landscaping, and I didn’t quite get it done! But I did get my roots chiseled. Just one root let to finish then I can work on landscaping.

This month I want to open up the mini-game arena, finish chiseling the last root and do more landscaping at my main base!!

What is everyone else up to?? Share pictures and updates of your build! I can’t wait to see!!


Please share your pics and builds folks!! Pictures will inspire others to build their cool stuff!


I’m waiting to get more progress of my build before they start resembling my intentions.


Probably redoing a lot of existing build this month. Went for function over form and the refined yellow sedi everywhere is bothering me.

Also stalled a little on a couple other themed builds. Would like to finish up the slideacoaster at Bzerk Circus, and do a little more than dig a hole for my new 7Sins themed shopping complex… but probably continue to focus on building up my main settlement. Ticked over to village status this week so inspired to build on that a bit more and hopefully get a few more people involved.

Pics of Bzerk Circus are probably the most interesting… its getting there, but havent done much with it the last couple weeks. And will likely be a january project.


I started an AT-AT walker earlier in the week.
Rock looks bad so decided to do it in refined copper to be different.

Not got too far yet but the overall size will be 4 plots wide, 11 plots long and 8 plots high. Think that worked out to 382 plots at about 17’000 bricks/refined copper !

I expect it to take a while to build though :slight_smile:


Looks great!! Thanks for sharing the pics!


Wow! That will be cool, share pics when you can :slight_smile:


Digging out a lot of rocks.


Ambitious, but thinking about making the Five Slides Amusement Park… 5 slides around the planet connected by teleporters and a teleporter back to the start. Dunno though, are slides too boring?


That’s an awesome idea! I’m wondering, how are you planning to use the bombs to knock people off? Due to the knock-back being removed from healing bombs?

But I hope I am missing something that still allows this to work!


Feel free to share though if you want :slight_smile: We all are amidst early stages of a build and understand! Every step along the way can be inspiring to someone, or just fun to realize that every cool build started somewhere :smiley:


Try it out and make it exciting to you :smiley: then it will be for others, i’m sure!

@Ovis The area in the middle of the arena is wild.

So the people stand at the outside on the metal platforms and throw bombs to blow up the blocks, trying to knock the person off…remember, a direct hit (while there is no knockback) does immediately cause the bomb to blow up.

If you can’t hit the person directly, no worries! Bounce the bombs off the trampolines to target specific blocks.

All the while, the person in the middle has blocks they can place, to try and stay up!

Should be a 3 - 5 player mini-game


That. Sounds. Awesome! Good job, looking forward to it :smiley:


Thanks Ovis! I am putting the final touches on it, and will release it as a part of a few features I am working on.


Finishing up my towers is my goal… will I complete them? eventually :eyes:


With a bit of trial and error you can get corners and things working and make them pretty interesting. From my testing everyone slides at the same speed regardless of agility, so its all done that if you dont touch anything you’ll take the same path each time… mostly.

The Slideacoaster (patent pending) ive been working on has jumps (first one through a ring of fire), corners, freefalls through a cave with underground waterfalls etc.


Ok so here are some recently finished projects and some that are ongoing at the capital of Delta.
Our now completed skeletal dragon has been added to the city’s museum of curiosities

The blood temple has gained a new demonic entrance for all sacrificial victims

There are also two jaguars in production in our entrance to El Dorado

There’s also the recent opening of the new Aztec bathhouse

Finally our most recent project, a spaceport with a full sized firefly spaceship in preparation for our delve into the futuristic city of Stargate Atlantis.

I promise there is more to this planet than water, mountains and meteor hunts. Hope you enjoy in case you haven’t had a chance to visit yet.


Same thing I do every month…try to take over the world…

Erm, I mean, get my shop open…finally.


Hoping to get my new base finished! Only started on the top side so far.
It is going to need a lot of chisel work!
Also need to figure out my lighting

Check it out on Trior, portal name Nixia via Mom and Pops ground floor. P.S. if do come be sure to save the portal location as once you start exploring our caves you may end up lost!


you know i love your work! :wink: