Building the perfect planet

So, having now “mastered” the art of my perfect topaz and sapphire planets (1 of 2 huge concentrations of gems) I am moving on to diamonds. So far my attempts are yielding lacklustre results with a reasonable % spread everywhere or next to none.

Anyone had good results on biomes with compact areas of gems ( I know RNG has a HUGE impact)

Thanks in advance @bucfanpaka lol


Ye i know you alrdy credited her but here


Olympus alone at lv 8 seems to be most critical. That can give very good hotspots by itself. Next best ones I’ve seen are Floating and Castle Mountains. Floating Mountains makes a great saltpetre farm, too.

Lot of luck involved though, yep, on size of biomes and placement. Finding it good to not take TOO many high elevation biomes on these. They take up a lot of space, and some won’t run together to create big spots. Some normally lower elevations ones though can get raised up enough though if merging with high ones to be high enough for diamonds.

Let’s try another experiment, I’ll post how this works out - :thinking: T6, no rivers, standard caves on all.

lv 4-
Tier Mountains (never tried this one, so this is an experiment)

lv 5-
Floating Mountain
Castle Mountains
Desert Canyon

lv 6- (This is tricky, not many good high ones here, so I tend to pick to get other stuff or at least stuff that won’t mess up the high ones too much)-
Desert Overhangs
Flying Foliage
Forest Cliffs
Smooth Caves
Island Trees

lv 7-
Grand Gorge
Gleam Spiral (give myself a little hunting area with the experiment)
Cube Field

lv 8-

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These two plus Ice cracks are the key to topaz too. Floating mountains totally kills sapphire though as it removes the altitude band they spawn jn

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Which planet type you using? I seem to get similar results on both t6 types

That’s all it took for a new planet to be born :slight_smile:
May your planet be a good one! :smiley:


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T6 Blast here.

@ciprianb - Thanks! :grin:

@bucfanpaka you tried swapping out standard for flat caves? I’ve found that hugely increases salt petre and combustion as well as helping with gem concentration on sapphire worlds

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Thats ended badly on my 3 previous attempts

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Good to know, will scratch that for future trials then. Still some others at lv 4 I need to play with for this.

Do you happen to have a ruby mining planet?

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Yep, the planet Heartbreak linked at Paka’s Palace, have a direct ruby mine there. :slight_smile:

Rubies, best biomes for that I’ve found are Graveyard at lv 5 and Ancient Villages at lv 7. Big thing there is taking flat land biomes, either liquid or high biomes can mess up the good ones, need the surface altitude at 60-75 IIRC.

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The ones I have are sadly unrealistic to mine. I had one that on the atlas looked awesome but had two or three different height lava lakes that made mining it ugly to say the least. You would get 100 Ruby really really easily followed by 10mins of trying to get round a lava assault course


Just saw this - thanks! :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve tried flat caves much, I’ll do that next roll!

Should we start some sort of Sovereign addicts support group?

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Haha, seriously! :laughing: Rental Rollers Anonymous. I’m probably going to try another Corrosive here soon, I keep trying to do better on the amethyst build.

Planet I rolled is Janon (default name), off Norkyna. 514k diamond, not bad. :slight_smile: But so far (haven’t mapped too much yet) a little more broken up than Hyrule, or the one I have off Norkyna now, Beelzebub. Once Beelzebub expires in a week or so here though, if I can find a good spot, will put another mine portal up to replace that one.

Yeah, tiered mountains not looking good on diamonds. This one does though look pretty cool if nothing else. Generated with a nice light tan palette, and with the desert canyons and desert has a neat effect.

Vikings Diamond uses the Hyrule formula, even if it wasnt the results you get are based on randomness.

You could roll the same formula 10 times and get 10 different results, its all based on chance and what the generator decides to do at the one time; You could pick 1 non diamond biome and the generator decides something like "oh you like gleam lake, let me just gleam lake your entire planet

From what i can tell, look at the number of regions your planet has, if you have less than 34 regions then you might have a winner for the smaller planets and less than 64 means you might have a winner for large ones.

the reason is the regions require distinct borders, if two regions neighboring each other are of the same type they merge into one big super region.

the result is you get less number of meteor spawning areas, but you also have a chance that what ever spawns in those regions to appear in greater quantity than on planets that have the standard number of regions.

You cant make regions merge, there is no magic formula, its just one of those lottery events that if you get chances are your planet as a lot of “something” and everyone that visits will go “oh my god there is so much x right here”

I should post my topaz world, but can’t for the life of me remember the name (working atm)

That only has 1.4% but pretty much all of it is in 2 spots that are the brightest of whites. Even mining 12k topaz out of it didn’t turn it to yellow.

I had a similar sapphire world before I took a break and sadly it went poof

Still haven’t found any diamond or emerald worlds where they are that compact, probably because it’s easy to get topaz to spawn in compact areas using floating mountains

Its worth pointing out that % and # per chunk mean jack squat…

unless the entire planet is white it doesnt matter because you could have a high % but its all spread out over the entire planet so you would have to stripmine the entire planet to actually get it or you could have a low percentage but its all in one spot

Yea, I’ve seen some places with huge % but have blue splodges across the entire planet. Learnt that high % means nothing pretty quickly, it’s all about ease of access and concentration