Building vs Combat

This is a discussion about how you would to see the 2 elements put together, more specifically the UI for it, i have 2 suggestions how it can be done, trove and how it is currently

Split Mode:

As some people may know trove did a system that allowed you to switch betwen the 2 modes. the building mode and the combat mode.

in the building mode you would have your blocks on a hotbar and then use leftclick to place blocks and right click to use your laser and dig out stuff (or the other way around, cant remember)

in combat mode you have your few abilities, your potions and then you can equip 2 more items such as bombs or sponges.

I would personally be for this system


  • You can instantly switch between the 2 modes in case you get attacked
  • It allows you to have skills bound to hotbar keys
  • It looks much smoother and is easier to deal with since you dont have your blocks that you can acidentally switch to


  • You cannot change to blocks with ease in case you want to uset them for attacking

And then there is how it is already. although it is early then it could stay close to something like it. the system is 1 hotbar both for all of your placement blocks, grappling hook., we already have a slingshot so it could be possible to place your weapons down there too.

This would feel too cluttering for my taste sadly.


  • You would be able to combine moving, combat, and placing blocks and fighting at the same time


  • If you dont have a weapon on you when getting attacked you are screwed
  • It will remove the ability to make a normal hotbar system (might also be a pro depending on your look)
  • You can acidentally use the mouse wheel and suddenly go away from your weapon which might make you die
  • Either you will only be able to use 1 weapon at a time, or they could make the ability to stack 2 weapons on top so you could pick 2 swords and you would duelwield them when you equipped them. so not really that big a problem.

As you can see im rather biased. but what do you guys think would suit oort online? one? the other? or maybe a mix or an entirely new system that i havent thought off.


The Trove system is smooth and I like the way it works for Trove, I’m not sure what level of realism Oort is going for, but if you want to make players feel like they have things in their bags weighing them down I’d go with the current bar Oort has.

Can you think of a ways abilities could be implemented then? because i cant think of a way at all since the usual hotbars are taken.

I like the idea of having one mode, but with multiple hot bars setups to spin through. The player gets to choose any combination of weapons/spells/tools/blocks they want on each bar. They can spin through the hot bars to pick the one they want at a given moment.

I might setup one bar for pure blissful building, another for mining.and others for when I am in a PVP zone and want defense on the ready while I am building.

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That could be a good idea for items.

but again, how would abilities function? and in the current system you drop everything not on your hotbar slot, wouldnt your system just allow you to place everything on the hotbar slot meaning you never drop anything?

I think I get what your saying, let me rephrase in my own words so we can confirm. Have one bar on the left or right side of the screen where building materials can go, then have the normal hotbar with your 1-9 for all your combat and consumables.

but how would you ever pick something then?

i think he means having the ability cycle hotbars, in other games like wow you can press shift + 1 to get hotbar 1, shift + 2 to get hotbar too and so on :smile:

Minecraft has only one mode. To fight with a sword you select it like you would a block and use the mouse to to attack. It is the same for every tool as well. You can choose not to have a sword on your bar and attack with a fist or block instead.

That is a very simple system to use.

By allowing multiple bar pre-configurations that you can toggle through, the system is greatly improved. For example, if you like the trove system, you simply have one bar configured with weapons and spells and another with tools and blocks.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

but minecraft combat was horribly dull no? it was just about spam clicking which is why they didnt need a deeper system…

but it would be a possiblity of allowing to have multiple bars where you could place spells, but that would generally mean no limitation on the amount of spells you can have equipped since htey all count as items, which would make you have maybe 100’s of spells you need to take care of (wild overestimation)

Minecraft combat was boring. That was not the bar’ fought though. It was because there were no cool downs and the mobs sucked. Neither of which has to do with the bar.

It would not be unlimited. There is a cap on how many hot bars you can have (~6). Even WoW would have more available spells than OoRT.

guess im biased on this as well. i want a system that limits you to only have 5 - 7 equipped active abilities at once. to add strategic depth rather than just spamming all of them.

One very important consideration is that combat in OoRT should include the placing and destruction of blocks. This was the fun part of PvP in Minecraft.

For example, erecting barriers to stay off ranged attacks, setting traps, block off passage ways and creating great escapes. If a combat bar cannot support that, then it has no place in this game because that stuff is funx100…

Now this is the stuff i would find easily abuseable and not undestand fully to be honsest. it sounds great in theory, but when you try to fight a person isnt it just frustrating to constantly get grass blocks in your face that will stop you?

also making traps wouldnt that be wildly abusive as well? like i could just make a big hole and kite all of the enemies into it. would that count as ‘‘tactics’’ or just being cheap?

Two can play at that game. This is way combat works in a game like this. Without it combat is destined for failure.

I actually love the idea of having a split system! If this were the case we could keep things much less cluttered in both building and combat situations. I think different HUDs between the two systems would be nice, because you don’t need to see the same things in building as you do in combat.
I’ve always been annoyed that I have to have my sword and other fighting stuff equipped during building- I like to have all my spaces open for blocks!
It seems like this would be an easy system to make, and It’s fairly simple, so I think this is a perfect idea for the game.

The beauty of the single mode system is you can set it up so you can play like you want to and let other people play like they want to. It is much more friendly than the two mode system.

why is it destined to failure just because you cant cheapskate the way of fighting? do you seriously believe, that if you cannot place blocks in combat, that the combat system will be a failure? couldnt it possibly be the other way around? that there would be near 0 skill in combat because everything could be countered by a single dirt block? that no matter how good you are the enemy can just keep throwing dirtblocks and nullify all of your attacks? is that really more skillbased than 2 people fighting with weapons?

just questions. cause i cannot imagine the type of combat you described :smile:

If anything this system would make combat building easier though. I don’t like having to manage building resources during a fight while also trying to make sure I’ve got the best weapons equipped, and enough arrows and potions stocked up. If I have a combat HUD that shows me how much ammo and potions I have, and shows all my weapons on the same page without materials that I don’t need at the moment then I can fight well. When I get a chance to build during a fight, I’d rather have all my blocks and a pick laid out in front of me so I can easily choose which materials I want to construct with.
If you can switch between these two modes instantly then I would be all for them, and even If it’s not Instant I’d still be strongly in favor.

If combat is just like every other game, then it will be compared to every other game. It is a no win solution. You have to play to your assets to be a winner.

This is the problem. I recommend you give it a go. I am sure you will love it to no end. Because it takes the button spamming out of combat. You get to think of game play strategies. Placing a blocks take a lot more effort than spamming the attack button on the mouse. For one you are placing something in one direction while be attacked from the other. In the PVP worlds, players are going to setup elaborate traps for other players with or without blocks in combat mode, and if you cannot destroy blocks you will be a lamb for the slaughter.

There is no escaping it. But once you start doing it, you will see why it is so awesome.

On my previous Minecraft server, would setup races with PVP included and give each person x blocks to use along the way. In another game, i built a structure over a lava pit and 1-hit blocks layered above is to people would try to trap each other to fall in. It is a fundamental and very fun part of the game.