Buying 1800 combustion kernels at 35c and Kindling kernels at 200c(prices negotiable)

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Still trying to populate my inorganic farm with some seeds and figured I had a little money I could use for it. Prices are negotiable.

I think I can help you out with the combustion kernels and possibly some of the kindling but I won’t be on until this evening.

Oh, that’d be sweet. How long away would evening be for you? I’m asking because I might have to head off to sleep in a little bit. I’ll be awake in about 8 and a half hours and in game.

I hope to be on in about 9-10 hours time, providing I don’t get bogged down with Irl stuff … hopefully sooner but I can message you when I’m on.

Alright, I’ll see you then.

For anyone else looking at this thread that has a good deal on kernels, I’ll reply to you when I wake up.

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Hi @StormyClouds, online now if you still need the kernels, I have 1800 of the combustion and 500 kindling.

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Awesome, in game now at the Sochaltin I TNT hub, ready to meet wherever you want!

I can meet you there, see you in a minute.

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