Buying all Naturel Rocks or call it stones for 0.2c each instead of convert them for 0.02c


Hallo everyone,

I buy every Rock for 0.2c each , this ist 10 times more then you convert them !!!

I am located on Arie River Town Pyramids of Giza Plateau , you can reach this area from River Town Portal Hub then Go to Pyramids of Giza.

Money will BE refilled every day.



Im no expert by anymeans but you realize rock and stone has same mint value.
So i doubt people are selling their rocks


I mean the First step of Stones , it told me Rocks in english in Game, coming from Germany.


The 2nd step is stones :slight_smile: But the Translation was correct. Maybe write natural rock in the OP.


Thx changed it


Changed price from 0.1c to 0.2 c !!! Now 10 Times more than converting !!!


What are you Building, if i may ask?


I build a Pyramids of Giza destrict ,i Back tomorrow If the baskets are empty, i m in little Holidays Till tomorrow


Enjoy the long Weekend :slight_smile:


Back from Long Weekend and requests baskets are refilled :grin::grin::grin: