Buying all new gleam colors 750 each


As title says, buying all NEW EVENT colors 750 ea, while money lasts :slight_smile:
Message me or find me in ultima. Thanks!


Are all the gleam from the gleambow races new colors? I’ve got some but I don’t know if they’re all new or not


No, some are already available colors. As I found out from someone contacting me


Cool, thanks for letting me know! Do we have a list somewhere that lists out what the new ones are?


I have some for sale in my shop. Look for chubby’s in ultima shop hub.


LOL there was a whole thread about that. do you know about the colour sheet?

also if you’re interested in that thread… this is where it starts:

and the answer:


Thank you! I had no idea about this at all. I’m still pretty new to the forums.


I knew this question would pop up, again, haha. Thanks for linking that other topic, ctrl :smiley:


I’ve already come across a shop selling common gleam as new gleam, so being able to compare common gleam to gleambow gleam will be helpful.


I am still buying