Buying black gleam 1250c each

Buying back gleam @200c each
At my store

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30,000c in the basket

if people continue like this the price will be around 1500c each eheheh

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I won’t raise my price more than I have already. I already thought I was overpricing when I upped it to what I did. If I get none sold to me that’s okay. I’ve been patient this long as it is I can continue waiting for an exo to get it.

But with that said good luck to everyone on their hunts and good luck to those buying gleam from this event.


Raised price to 250c each
(Sorry @catfud :joy:)

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Lol wait when the event and sell it after that…
Last year some people bought specific colors for even 10k each

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Ty for info hehe
ill be doing that :smiley:


(only jk…)

funnily enough, gave away my last few black gleam to someone ages ago (and rest of my gleambow gleam collection to someone else not so long ago because it was wasting away in storage)

I just thought thats like common sense.

Bag of flours cost 50cent
After world is having armageddon you trade your mom to it.

buying black gleam at 1,250c
150,000c in the basket
Which if my math is right them thats 111 pieces
Really sorry @FireAngelDth lol

My stores name is Going Out Of Business
You can get there from TNT mega hub top row super store side and
PS Bitulla shopping hub

No worries. Still have around 300k in my basket. So once they sell to you they can come sell to me.

Also you have one to many 0s in that number :blush:

12.5k now? Yikes…


Thanks didn’t notice