Buying Black Gleam (or gleampool) 4000c [Purchase Completed]

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Looking to buy 15 black gleam @ 4000c per.


Because I’m looking to get 36 total to craft 50 refined, I’d be more than happy to pool both of our stacks to get the craft bonus. 30 refined for me and 20 for you respectively, or whatever the ratio would be depending on if I acquire more gleam in the meantime.

Any takers?

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Still looking? I have 15 for you.

I have about 22 refined black gleam sitting around at home, if you’re only after a certain amount I can trade for the equivalent number of unrefined based on a mass craft? I’m not sure what you want with the refined though so 22 might not be enough.

Anyway I’m at work for another 8 hours so if you’re still looking later on or tomorrow then it’s an option.

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You underestimate the reach of my rhythm stick!!! (Control is maxed)

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I’d gladly trade some black for some red.

We’ve got a deal :smiley:

I want them for my goo farm to convert kernel colors. The minor grow time bonus is the cherry on top with the additional blocks from crafting being the main point.

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