Buying Cool Grey (182) Meta Brick

Hi , I’m looking to buy approximately 15ss of Cool Grey Metamorphic brick . Thank you .

check Lasaina Supplies, right outside Lasaina portal from TNT MegaHub

Thanks I checked every decent sized store on BUTT and several smaller ones as well with no luck .

I may be wrong, but thought that Cool Grey was only available in Igneous rock?

Correct, best to transform the rock before making bricks. Due to transformation requirement the available amounts will be lower and more expensive. Oxide Grey and Ashen Grey are the cheaper alternatives.
But this is offtopic. This is a buy thread after all.

@Bones I currently have about 4800 meta rock that I can turn into brick. Depending on the price you want to pay for the brick I could see myself making some.

I added a couple of Request baskets at Bastion Concrete for Cool Grey Meta Bricks and paying 10 coin each, thankyou . 300K available .

Dropped off 10k bricks, will cook some more


Thank you very much .

Dropped of 12k bricks (or 13.33 SS) for you.


Thank you very much everyone for the amazing response . There is still coin for another 12k bricks .

I’ve got some for sale in my brick shop

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