Buying Deep Green #36 grass seed 2c each/200k coin (Complete)

We will be buying as it says Deep Green #36 grass seed (all types). We will be setting up baskets tomorrow. 200k will be up for grabs. Easiest way to farm them if you want is a wooden shovel with AOE no added DMG, like mowing the yard. Basket will be set up at Down by the Shore with Pauly. Message me if not sure how to locate. Will update post when baskets are set up.

This color sheet list seed colors by planet

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just a hint for farming it, you can also use totem 3x3 that u didnt use up from GB :smiley:


What planet is deep green

Many are. Just a quick snapshot of the list.

If you farm arie @FlitzPiepe I think I that’s alutech lol alutech take all the Silty Soil lol

Aww no Verdant Deep Green grass, the type I actually want.

I thought @FlitzPiepe was Alutech?

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Thankyou me didn’t know lol

Transforming chisel works on grass

Not worried about type of grass seed as long as it deep green. I’ll be putting baskets up in about 7 hrs


no we are two different people :yum::wink:

AluTech with Arkologie (Arie) and me (FlitzPiepe) with Elbwiesen (Refgar)