Buying gleambow sacs

hyped for the Gleambow event? I know I’m!

currently set the price at 1000c buying price (adapting when needed ill be keeping an eye on the market)
but since I know there’s gonna be a lot of sacs flying…

location raxxa (raxxian sacntuary) right next to the TNT portal

currently 25 mill coins to throw back into the market, will add more when i run low


I want to be hyped for the gleambow event, but it’s just so competitive and it’s usually the first person to the meteor that gets the spoils. I always found it to be semi-unproductive when it comes to getting a lot of the rare colors.

They should redo the event to allow the colors to be evenly distributed among the players somehow. I know on the normal gleambow hunts (non-event) people could call their own meteors and then loot it so that at least wasn’t so bad.


The best way to do the actual Gleambow event is to hunt the gleam cuttles for the sacs not the actual meteors. Get the sacs to create your own Augments, to spawn your own meteors.

Nice @HOST, already getting ready for the goodies!

I’m supper excited about it as well. But I’ll be hunting the sacs this event, not the meteors. So I’ll see how the hunt posts look before I turn out and then possibly plan my own with some friends if no one else is just hunting the sacs.


What I like to see is gleambow only colours, lots have been unlocked already from the meteors I gotten. So seeing a rework on the actual blocks colours would be fantastic
Isn’t that why we do gleambows?


I am prepared

Hmm I do have a gleambow planet 6km that is for gleambow only, I still need to setup region locations but yeah doing a gleambow sac only hunt and agreement on sharing is caring when it comes to the blocks , for example first this person than that person etc might be a good idea, I plan to host many of the gleambow hunts on the sov. Feel free to join in I just need to plan this out how it might work out the best for everyone


Is that all?


That’s his stash in his back pocket lol

We used to spawn two at a time with Larky’s hunts and let the group run to those. We also allowed people to call their own meteors and the group would let that person chase their own meteor.

As I stated we also called meteors just for new players and those players without augments and of course for a friend or two.


for me buying them augments is not just for me alone, I would like to hold gleambow events and shoot augments for other people while streaming it, and hopefully the year-round

it will be a nice thing for everyone


I’ll be happy to help out.

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i got a little stash left myself, and with the current coins im pretty sure (i think) it would last for months

lets see how things go, and also what the buying price is going to be

buying price changed to 1000c, i think this might be the buying limit, i see sales go for 1300-1400 but tax plays a role here


This is why gb racing aint so good event anymore. The point of it is Pretty much goner

This is like normal meteors.
Oortmas meteors.

Theres nothing Special about them anymore.

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Yes and no, while lots colors are unlocked, there is still enough to go. For someone like me, if I got a project where I want to use for example colorful glass it’s perfect because I’m most likely not in mood to search for many different planets to get many different colors of gleam to produce then glass. Recently also bought some nice I believe vivid green from HOST. Some things are for example not available on Gleamuniverse. And prices there are also partly wrong set as they are unlocked already.

Oh and no not like oortmas meteors, because with gleambow you get at least oort with not much effort :crazy_face:

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Only thing For me is bright turquoise gleam.
As its locked and its EA gleam.


I very seldom agree with Buugi, but I have to agree that other than the gleambow augments I really don’t have any use for the gleambow sacs. I did manage to get quite a few smart stacks so far just so I can sell them.

The colors are always nice, but even back when I was doing gleambow hunts every week and getting T6 meteors with only a few of us getting a large amount of rare gleambow colors of gleam or glass just doesn’t happen sadly.

I almost regret buying a sov for the event… except its a T4 with everything a shade of red yay!

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I do agree with you both, it is RARE to get actual gleambow only colors, it needs an overhaul!

id happily take them :wink:

If you have 100ss of rocks lemme know I’ll buy some. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t farming the poop out if this event, I was exploring a new sovereign with a few friends and family and I attended 3 other hunts because I need the Oort. Bragging? Nah… I opened a shop to sell pretty much everything I have because I never craft I just farm, explore and build.

The whole point of my color storage was to have a place I could store the many things I have collected and inherited from other players and create a shop out of it at the same time.

I care a good bit as I just sell it all or give it to the community. I used to have several smart stacks of red candy canes … ah well much rather sell them or give them to people who will actually use them. Which was what I did.

Back on topic … I’ll drop some sacs in your baskets @HOST


Whenever I see a post from you, I hear it in the voice of Grampa Simpson.


Flagging is sacging. I Feel you boys and Girls.

Good luck with the sacs @HOST

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