Buying glue & pulsating orbs 9C (see inside)

Hello, community!

Buying glue at 9c each
Buying pulsating orbs 9c each

the request baskets can be found at Gyosha mall number 11+12 start filling them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance !

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Sadly 4c is below my minimum threshold & im not online until tonight.

If you did want to buy at 5c i know that oikos market and star store on arie have stock.

If not, good luck, not an unreasonable price…just below my profit making price when i mass buy comp clay and rock to make em quickly

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Changed pricing as I find 5 reasonable that I’m not going into discussion with

Star store sells at 9c each

Try moon store :slight_smile: i know one of them has 5c cold berry, i bought 6k of them when i moved and needed for a build.

Can you search colour on price scanner? Not used it much so unsure. Would be nice if you could, certainly speed your search up

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Did I found some in front ,this will do for now thx buddy

I likely have a few SSs. I will get a count when i get on, but not the full 10. I can craft some in the next day or 2 if you dont find enough.

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I will need 100,000 brick :grin:

If your still looking I do huge bulk orders like this but my price is 6c each.

I’ve got another spare smart stack still I think (I had been hoarding it a long time back when I was building a Prestige Spam tower but abandoned that project :rofl: ). I had given the rest of the spare away to someone else but if so I’ll put the rest on a free plinth later and hide it, PM you the directions. :slight_smile:

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My highest is offer 5c sorry buddy

Nothing comes free and would stil buy it :slight_smile:

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If I’ve got it then (pretty sure I do) I’ll put a price of .01c on it if you feel bad about free. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (No such thing as a free lunch… unless ol’ Paka here is doing the cooking! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Edit: Yep, got it, PM incoming! :smiley:

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Alright nw but if you change your mind just send me a pm.

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@Ratchel might be able to fill some of this order

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Thanks to those that fill them up on a regular basis
There’s loads more baskets to be filled! So anyone else that has cold Berry brick I’d be happy to take them;)

+/- 1 mill in coins added to baskets get those brick coming! :+1:thank you everyone have a great gameplay and weekend!

Hmpf, are there even any places left I can buy some? :joy:

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I may have some cold berry bricks for you. Will check when I’m online

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