Buying Hunt Loot And Oort!

I’ve added some buying baskets to my shop for now.

ROUGH OORT: I moved my oort basket downstairs yesterday it’s coined to 1.5m coins paying 180c/rough. Hand trades at 200 so catch me if you can.


Bones 1.5c There are currently four baskets fully coined.

Mantles 3c
Blood 3c
Hide 1c
Tallow 0.5c

Floatation Sac 9c
Spark Sac 9c
Thermal Sac 9c
Milk Gland 3c

Tentacles 40c
Scales 25c
Horns 25c

Wildstock Eye 4c
Roadrunner Eye 5c
Spitter Eye 6c
Hopper Eye 10c

Some of these items are low priced I think, but I don’t have a particular need for them (eyes?).

If I have a particular need I’ll jack up the price and announce it.


I have a portal on the Biitula PS hub, 2nd level, NW corner named “Sunken Storage”.

You can come via my hub.

The hub is reached via the Raxxa portals in the DSK Galaxy main hub and the TNT Megahub. You can also reach it through the portals marked “Lantern Gardens” in the raxxa hubs for Portal Seekers, Ultima, or Hubbit networks.

There’s a portal on the hub with a sign that says “Down” it takes you into the shop.

Counting the oort basket there’s over 3m here. Several of these baskets have enough coin in them to fill up a couple times so I’ll gather purchases when I see them. If there’s “no room in inventory” post/pm/discord me and I’ll clean it out.

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Hey thanks for everyone that came by and sold into these baskets yesterday and last night. It’s my first time putting up a bunch of baskets I was glad to see some purchases, especially the bones.

Special thanks to @Lesioui fior 2 stacks of oort hand traded at 200c!

Stocked up SEBA today:

I hand trade these at 315c, I’m lowering the “bulk” threshold if you buy 450 I’ll do 300c/unit.

If I’m not on base (any “night” alt) I usually respond to forum PM within a short timeframe.


I will stop by later to buy some!

I need bones please!

Also online to hand trade oort at 200c …

  • Bulk price (300c) equivalent to 54c (SEBA only) per marble block.
  • Hand trade price (315c) equivalent to 56.7c per marble block.
  • Stand price (350c after tax) equivalent to 63c per marble block.

There’s enough super enriched bonding agent here to make 688 mass crafts of marble…

I’m also hand trading 200c for your oort, baskets are up buying nearly 2m coin worth of hunt loot.

I need bones paying 1.5c

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