Buying Lots of Dark Mustard soil (any type)

Topic says it all.

Dark Mustard Clay: x 30 000.

Please PM me on forum or discord to negotiate prices!

Also: If you know a shop that sells, let me know!

What type of oxide gray rock you are looking for? I have much refined meta and raw.

Don’t think it matters too much, can always change them as I go.

If we just agree on a fair price I can come grab em :slight_smile:

Regular bums or exotic bums? :rofl:
Or waxy?
Also being serious as well as funny

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Regular bums are what I am looking for. :grimacing::grimacing:

Corrected it now :joy:

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Edited to add quantities and made it clearer! :+1:

Don’t know how many there still are in the exchange but there should be some in the stand. (Anterra-antarVI) there are also a lot of jams in the stand (full). If you like.
You can get there via TNT, hubbit, ultima, tiggs, portal seekers AntarVI. Also DK’s tree, ultima shop Eresho and Portal seekers Lamblis City.
Just follow any sign “Anterra Central” or “Anterra Mall”.

Hope it helps and will check if i have more bulbs in storage later.

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Will come swing by later today :+1:

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Still buying the quantities above!

30k plants?

They grow in 3 hours, why so many?

Aesthetic reasons, big “wheat” field :slight_smile:

Ah ok, but since you also wanted tillers I was wondering why (don’t need to till the soil if you do not plan on harvesting them!)

I do want to till the edges, where the dirt clay can still be seen. It looks better tilled, more realistic.
I will post a screenie, one sec.

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The ones on the left look way better than the ones on the right :smiley:

The entire area has to be planted and soiled pretty much :smiley:


Still buying large quantities!

Like your build btw visited a few times. Also a little sad i moved my build a year ago. If only i had known^^
If you use ultima antar to Anterra mall you shoud get to the stand have about 2.500 in stand and see 10th heaven (antarVI) has also about 1.500 have a portal to there to at TNT Anterra hub (AntarVI)

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I took a look, they are kinda over double the market price but I will return for the once I’ve bought out all others for 0.1-1.5c each xD


Bought all the Bulbs I need (I Hope!)

Still need LOTS of Dark Mustard soil (any type 30k+)! If you have a lot, please message me! Willing to pay decent!

Edit: nobody selling :cry:

Which planets is dark mustard from?

TDP (11 Avenue C Gyoza Mall) has a shop stand with Dark Mustard soil - direct portal from TNT Gyoza - will add more after time of this post too

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