Buying lots of high end tools!


I use diamond, topaz and sapphire chisels as my primary chisels now because I like making gem tools and I’ve gotten used to the base action speed on them vs the alloy ones. They also have a higher base durability anyway, but I usually add some more with forging.

Typically my block-changers have been amethyst and unchisels are ruby lately. Having 5 different types makes it easy to visually distinguish which one does what for me.


If I’m building I keep one smart stack of gem chisels along with a gem unchisel and gem type changer. Saves inventory space.


Still looking for more offers! :slight_smile:


I love to make hammers. I have 2 options for you to make payment in coins or mats. The quicker the response the quicker I can get back to you :smiley: