Buying Luminous Green Gleam

Name your price and quantity :nerd_face:

I had a couple, you can have them for free, here are the coords, they’re at my Gyosha place, just hope nobody beats you there and loot ninjas it! :smiley:

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I guess I was too late, I logged off last night not long after I made this post :worried:

Dang it, sorry, that’s on me - I was joking about the loot ninja-ing, I really thought because the speed brews I posted for newcomers people were respecting and not raiding, that this would be ok too, especially since it was just two pieces. :frowning: Guess not. Lesson learned. I’ll PM all these from now on.

If I come across any more, they are yours!

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It’s fine & Thank you :blush:

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