Buying mud, clay and ash!

My request baskets in coin converters at Nova golda now have baskets for mud, ash and clay soil, all buying at 1.5c each, and each basket has 30k budget.

Please come take my coin!



I can’t keep ash stocked even at 2c lately, guess everyone’s making brick?

Lol, yeah, I’m redoing my walls in my storage area.

Need a lot of brick!

Now just need to decide on a colour…

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You can never go wrong with black

21.6k in each basket would have been enough Fidach, can only fit 14.4k items…

maybe becuse ppls dont know where baskets are? you asking for mud, clay and ash - where is your request basket?

And if you don’t know what Coin Converters is or never been to Nova Golda Market, shame on you! :slight_smile:

i can farm ash for 1c each! also have ash for sale at gyosha mall

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i know where it is, just filled your ash and soil basket, you can set it again if you need more :slight_smile: i need money :wink:

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I need ash and soil too :slight_smile:
Dk’s Ultima Tree, lower floor

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Did you check all the baskets in Coin Converters??? Many different players who need ash, mud and soil (and many other items)!!

yep, checked all, sold mats for about 150k total, but tbh most of request baskets offering prices way too low for hard to farm mats like inky, lamellas or beans, i can sell mud, ash or clay for 1c ea, not going to farm for 0,33c per ea, its not even return tool and bomb cost

Am not too worried about the soil prices, but these 3, what is too low for you?

I need more sweet beans, if I up my price on those further I will need to increase the price of the pies as well, which I already did actually since I had to buy beans at 30+ yesterday, sigh

Can’t help you there would tell you swing by my exchange for the mats but apparently i am not buying anything ^^