Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market, come sell us your stuff! (or get plots and buy some needed mats yourself!)

The new Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market has request baskets from several shop keepers and other players. There’s quite a lot of coin to be made there right now!

Come check it out!

And once you filled your pockets, go spend it again on the market :wink:


I’ve added some more request baskets at plot number 1 at Coin Converters next to Nova Golda Market! Also upped the coin of most, in mine alone there’s 600k up for grabs!

Some soils, leaves, barbed and sooo many creature drops!

And that’s only for my personal baskets, there are more people there with plots with baskets!

Come stuff them quickly!

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Gotta say, even though I offer some higher prices for some stuff than Aenea does, Aenea is always buying more, meaning there’s plenty of coin to go 'round from her baskets, as I also know first-hand from when I used to sell into her baskets ages ago. :slight_smile:

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Not only that, if you happen to be low on health she might just throw a healing bomb at you too =)

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haha, I can’t help it! When I see a flashing player icon I will do that!!

See flashing icon 90% of people will be Oprah. You get a heal you get a heal EVERYONE gets a heal lmao


Lots of coin in those baskets! Also more people now with baskets there!

And check out the lovely tree on one of those plots!

Yes! That’s right! More than 1.2 million coin in my own request baskets at Coin Converters, way more if you add the ones from all the players there!

Come sell us your stuff!

Whats the best way to get here from the PS network? still trying to learn this thing XD

There’s a portal on… Lamblis I believe. Top floor.

I don’t think she’s connected to ps. But you can go to ps grovidias te and go to Ultima eresho and take her portal from her mini market or from the Ultima shop portal area.

Edit: I stand corrected she is connected to ps now. She wasn’t at first iirc

There is. I take it all the time. =) pretty sure it’s lamblis. It’s a very red and green themed hub.

Yea I had already edited my post


Who has been stuffing all those feathers in my basket??? It disappeared again from boundlesstrade meaning enough have been sold to me to make that happen!

Thanks tho! I needz them!

One of the best prices I’ve seen for feathers in awhile and I wasn’t getting round to using them

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I re-coined it this morning!

Thanks for the monies! :kissing_heart:

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Now also buying gems! Quite a bit of coin in the baskets, sell me your precious-es! :smiley:

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And new players have been added to Coin Converters!

I myself am now also buying metal ores!

And grrrrr, that darn shop thing, had to up prices on some! :smiley:

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Need to buy stuf?? Ask for plots at Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market!

Want to sell stuff to baskets? Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market has request baskets from many players all in one convenient place, located next to the market!

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