Buying Mud, Soil, Foliage, Mould, Thorns, Tangle, Sponge and Growth

I am trying to collect more colors of Thorns, Tangle, Sponge, and Growth. Anything anyone can give will help me out a ton. I also set out a couple of donations baskets if anyone wants to just get rid of some stuff and donate.

I have set up a few request baskets on our sovereign. To get there goto TNT > Elyseum 2

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Anyone able to help me out here? Got some of these items you need to get rid of? I will come pick them up if needed.

Ill check… I have many colors but just one of each… I dont rly use them so… Ill drop you When im online

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Thank you a ton. @Buugi

I have been going to sovereigns and exo collecting too… just tedious.

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i can give you random colors, dont have a ton but its just taking space in my storage
I will drop it in the dono bins @Redlotus

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You rock @Zeuz very much appreciated.

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I am going to be leaving these open indefinitely. I have placed request baskets and donation baskets. I appreciate anyone who can help me out here as all this will eventually be for a larger community color project I am trying to work on. If you have any of these blocks just taking up space or just want to snag some coin for it head-on over.

As I can afford it I will be placing down request baskets and donation baskets for:


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Added Mould (1c), Soil (1c), Mud (1c) and Foliage (10c)

Come sell any you dont need! About 160k up for grabs.

I gotta ask… Are the basket set so you can put just specific color? And if so… How much of them… I would hate To first load my inventory full of foliage and see that you are just looking For 1 each

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Its setup for any colors I put 5000c in each basket.

I’ll put some more coin into the foliage here shortly too. 5000c at 10c doesnt equate out to much.

Ye i figured… Altough i hope People are not a using this as you can just put Green there and get 50k out of it lol

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Do you care about color of Soil? There is a nice Soil shop over at the Kree Mall which is run by one of my guid mates: @BrianH1988 And he keeps it topped off with soil of all types. Granted all one color. But tons of it.

Not really I just want a lot of every color so not too picky

Hopefully I’m not to late but I have plenty of foliage soil and mud to get rid of