Buying ornate white gleam chests at ~200c each

Looking to buy a ton of them, depending on the price. I’ll buy more if the price is lower. I’m currently setting up a large storage area and would like to get a bunch of these for it.

Espers lucents top of tnt hub circ has a few i belive

Nope. You have silk mint, pale lilac, cool blue, and rose ornate gleam chests. They’re also 350c a piece.

Yea i kinda bought all the white ornate gleam chests i could find the last week or so. I am working on my storage as well :sweat_smile:

Big suppliers off the top of my head are Yamaska, Enjoy, & Aprilisawesome. We’ve got a large new shop on 3rd st that has a bunch of specialty metal/gleam/gem items…I cannot recall the name of it right now. They have everything sectioned by color.

Perhaps buy the ingredients to make them…it’s a thought

A mass is 50 I think?

Metal at 5c each (360c)
Essence say 4c each (432c)
Gleam farmable
Alloy Gold usually 32c (2304c)
50k spark not sure how to calculate that

Buying 50 chests at 200c each would be 10k coin

I’m not sure where to find Yamaska and Aprilawesome. Do you know an easy way to get there? Also on the trade tracker, it says that Yamaska and Aprilawesome don’t show up at all for selling ornate gleam chests and Enjoy only shows up at 555c.

Not sure what 3rd st even is :sweat_smile: Could be 3rd st of a town in Norkyna for all I know.

Might have to with all the suggestions being double to triple the price of even gleam universe lol Might just need to buy out gleam universe and buy a bunch of ingredients.

I’d buy ingredients and make them and enjoy the xp :rofl:

Yamaska is on Mino, but they don’t have any.

Scratch that…our seller on 3rd st doesn’t have any either.

We do have one seller that has some for 350, but that’s above 200.


Have you checked the BUTT scanner? That would probably be the easiest way to locate the chests, if there are any out there.

Side note…Aprilisawesome (he’s on Sorissi)

more info

doesn’t have any either, but I’m pretty sure his warehouse has just about everything else in the game, if you need it lol! #goals

Yea i left the high priced ones alone lol. I was also being lazy as i have all the required ingredients already on hand. Just hate those crafting times.

When I get on in the morning I’ll see how many left over i have @StormyClouds and as it’s not for me i could probably craft you some too

Turns out I had enough ingredients in all of my unsorted storage that after searching and crafting stuff for 2 hours, I now have all the ingredients for 500 white gleam ornate chests. It will take 25 hours to craft as only 2 of my machines are powered by all 24 coils.


Go you lol! Save ya a bit of coin also and all that juicy xp!