Buying Oxide Yellow Metamorphic Rock (25k)


Buying Oxide Yellow Metamorphic Rock for (.50)
Buying Oxide Yellow Refined Metamorphic Rock for (1)


25k not bad. Where will your build be?


I might have some of that. I’ll check when I get on after work. I have a ton of rock, stones and refined and no clue what colors :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately I’ve looked thru about 90% of my inventory and only have 951 stones and 400 refined.


I have about 2-3k Oxide Yellow metamorphic Stones kicking about, but I don’t think I have any actual Rock around… Though, I’d be happy in trading my Stones at a 1:1 rate for other Stones that are of interest to me.


I´ll check what i ve got in my storage, where are you located ? which planet ? i am on Arie located ( River Towns Pyramids of Giza Plateau. i ll be at home in two hours then i ll tell you

PSN ID : Turrican2006


Im just moving my home… I was in Seginiakai my new home is lamblis.


I am sry , had no time, i’ll Check ist Out, when will you be online? I am German time and you?
How many refined do you need?


Do you still need oxide yellow refined rock? I have some.