$Buying$ Oxide Yellow Metamorphic Rock (Bulk)

I’m looking to buy oxide yellow metamorphic rock for .5 a piece or 1 for refined rock. I would like to buy a big amount like 5 or 10 thousand

Message me and we will see how to meet up

@Zer0 I have a bunch of it if you haven’t found someone

I will buy it
Do you have the rock or refined?

in rock form

actually 1057 in refined as well along with the rock

Hmmm I have a bunch of refined but i’d rather mine it if you’re paying 2.5 1.44 (got calc out) times as much for plain rock.

Can I meet you in portal seekers network? Are you available now?

which portal seekers hub?.. I am kinda limited how far I can go since I’m on vacation with a 4G data unit.

I can go to any of there hubs

G-TE ok with you? and how many rock total you need? 5k or 10k?

I’ll take 10k if you have it… 5k gold good?

gold or coin lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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coin :slight_smile: Its been awhile since I played

I’m here. My name is Sero

ok on my way with the 10k rocks

Sweet thanks!