Buying pc boundless then transferring over to PS4

I own boundless on pc and I’m thinking of buying it on the PS4. I’m wondering if I can play my pc accounts (hunter,forger and crafter) on the PS4 or do I have to start all new characters?

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The account can be the same, but character slots and the characters themselves cannot be shared (was a requirement from Sony I believe for cross play), so no.

This is very annoying. I was considering buying it for PC having it already on PS4 but won’t bother in this case. It’s not unusual with Sony but you can play the same characters on Realm Reborn on PC and PS4. With ESO you can’t but that doesn’t have crossplay like Boundless and ARR.

Thanks for the info guys!

If this true then why other games can share same characters across pc and ps4 (Final Fantasy XIV for example) ?

And yes this is very annoying. I bought Steam version, discovered I can’t play my PS4 character and was forced to cancel purchase.

Hold on. I played on PC for EA. My PC took a dump so I started on PS4 on release. Are you saying I wont be able to play my characters on PC when I switch back? If that’s the case I may as well quit now as I will not be playing on PS4 forever…

I have both PC and PS4 accounts. I can assure you they don’t use the same character slots. Nor does it use Gleam Club Membership that’s attached to your account from PC. I didn’t mind the character slots, but wasnt happy I had to buy gleam club twice.

Pc and ps4 can share boundless accounts, just not characters, you should have been able to use your same username/password on ps4 as on pc and gleam club is on the user not character and should be shared there too if using the same account.

@james correct?

Yes my ps4 account uses the same boundless account as my PC. I did not get gleam club. Unless something was changed in last patch. Either way I had to buy it twice.

I know that’s a Sony thing, and not really the teams fault, but that’s a load of BS. I’m not going to relevel characters so I can play on PC. This game just became a few month fling for me. This is no longer viable as a long term game. I already owned the game on PC and simply purchased it on PS4 so I could play for a few months before I get a new PC. But having to start my characters progress over is a joke. I dont see myself continuing with boundless beyond a few more weeks. I also now have no reason to purchase gleam club after the deluxe edition bonus runs dry. This is a sad day for me. I honestly kind of want my money back. I never would have purchased this game for PS4 if I had known that…

I had zero choice. I fried my old gtx970. Had to play on ps4 for a few days. I travel though for my job so it made it a good option too. I just have my guild mate my steam account info and he friended my ps4 character and gave me permissions to all my stuff. Other then re building another character I feel like I didn’t lose much.

By the way, my PC is back up and running. #PCMASTERRACE lol :yum::yum::yum:

Yes but if I understand this correctly, i will not be able to PLAY any of the 4 characters I’ve dumped hours into on PS4 when I switch back to PC. I’ll have to make all new characters on my account. That’s BS.

It is what it is. Blame Sony. This isn’t a Wonderstruck issue. It’s Sony’s fault we can’t have a discord ps4 app. It’s their fault my pspro won’t successfully link to my Samsung HDTV. It’s all Sony.

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Although I will say I think the PSN Store need to have a disclaimer in HUGE font explaining characters don’t transfer across pc and ps4 accounts.

I almost wonder if you can get a refund from the Sony side. I mean, they did leave out important information within their game description. You bought a game without being fully informed that boundles accounts aren’t exactly cross platform compatible.

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I doubt Sony would give me my money. And to be clear my frustration is with Sony. Not the boundless team. But they will likely still lose me in the next few weeks/months. Once I get my PC I’ll be done with my playstation. I’m the type that would pay for gleam club for years to come and that revenue is now lost for the team. It’s still BS.

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Yea, I hate ps. Only have for traveling now and for the few friends of mine that can’t afford to switch to pc.

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