Buying Raw Rift, Rift Slingbows unforged

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Buying: Raw Rift Ore (Rough Rift - 605 ea), Rift Slingbows @10k each (unforged) in Anvil by the Portal Tree into my Workshop.

I don’t yet have my shop portal open, the easiest way to find me is through the Hubbit network, find your way to the US West hub - the Seginiakai portal takes you to Anvil pretty near to my shop

LMK if you have any issues finding it, or if my boxes run out of money


@xira1979 has a portal to anvil as well from Eresho! Well at least did. Can’t check right now to see if it’s still there since I’m at work.


Thought I would update this - I went through my forged goods area and updated a lot of prices. I won’t promise they are perfect but they are at least somewhat better?

I also openned my portal to Grovidias Te PS shopping hub so that’s the best spot to find me

If any hubs, hunting groups, or otherwise are wanting to get some good portals to Seginiakai’s Capitol in Anvil, I am slowly bringing it back to relevance! Hit me up, I can make a spot for a portal or ten :slight_smile:

@Dumaru I think you owned the hub plots on Grov if you could update the Sign to “Anvil Marketplace” that’d be swell!


We have portal spaces in Blingz’n’Thingz on Lamblis If you wanted to branch out and try to maximize footfall.

Let me know if you’d like a token :v:t3:


Your sign is updated ! Thanks @Aridhol