Buying Red and Shadow Cerulean Gleam 7k a Piece at Kami Hasu, Alder

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Request Baskets are on standby.
Shop Located on Alder Location: 1,248N -232E Altitude 129
Price for Red Gleam and Shadow Cerulean Gleam has increased to 7k per piece.
Price for Deep Red and Strong Red is still 5k per piece
Best way to reach: Portal Seekers Hub Biitula

except red, that I did not find, I cleaned all the baskets

Thanks. We really appreciate it. Red is hard to obtain.

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I am waiting for more colored baskets, I have lots and more that I will have

Alright. We’ll have to raise more money. Right now I am travelling back to my hometown. I will check tomorrow. It’s gonna take me like 12 hours to get home. Lol.

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If you see LuckyLotus up there, friend him. So we can hand trade if necessary. I am Vyla.

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