Buying RED CANDY CANE - 400c each PLEASE

buying red candy cane 00c each - 150.000c in basket

GyoshaMall - Exo Exclusive
coords >>> 1524N, -879E, att 65
knowledge > red candy cane > sell to > [PS]GyoshaMall - Nebula Lane #28

21st im moving for christmas and i wont be able to log into boundless for 2 weeks, please sell me all your red candy canes


That chisel trellis look really cool!


thank you:)

updated price - 300c each - 150.000c. in basket

300c each
150k in basket for taking

On which planet is your basket?

Gyosha Mall - Gyosha Ophin, Gyosha Mall portal are on PS Biitula hub

please, can anyone sell them to me? i cant play boundless since im off for xmas and i wont be back before event will end up…
you are my only chance to make twinkles :slight_smile:

got caught by Empire, please fill my request basket to rescue me :wink:

please sell me your red candies :slight_smile:

400c each, 150k in basket

still buying :slight_smile:

Just seeing this. I’ll run by when I get on in a few hours and fill your basket if there’s space.