Buying Rough Umbris 800c


Offering 1200c/rough umbris now.

I can trade some rough blink, I have promised another trade but I think I’ll have 2 blink left.

I’ll get a request basket up later today but PLEASE PM if you have any you would sell/trade.

EDIT price changed to 800 coins after i bought enough to craft an axe.


looks like most people are selling it for more than you’re offering but there’s at least 26 for sale out there


I see. On the same note, it looks like nobody is offering even half of what I am.

I wonder how many people will sell them for 500 maybe I should change my price.


that pic doesn’t show the price you’re offering. only the total you want to spend


Umbris??? What??? Where did that come from???

Is there a new planet???


Meteors drop Umbris, Blink, and rift


The price is in the first post and now in the title. That’s a guild aligned beacon none of my toons can show the ‘customer’ view.

I’m seriously thinking about lowering my price to 600 on the basket to be more “competitive” when portal seekers scan it into their site. Could be a few days though.

Price with no budget:

I did buy the one for 1k coins thank you kind shopkeep. I assure you price and budget are as advertised.


Yep t7 meteor drops all the new materials.


Ahh got it… phew… was about to run to the car from work like a mad man!!!

Thanks for saving me the embarrassment!! Lol


Thnks for the tip the title fix brought someone to me.

I’m crafting my umbris axe now, still buying but at a reduced price.

Current budget is 22k, price is 800c, my portal “Sunken Storage” is in the biitula portal seekers hub.