BUYING SAPPHIRE @ The Coil King! 👑


Currently working on putting out ~300 of each coil over the next week. In the meantime i’m buying all 3 rock types found at Ord Trian for 0.7c each!


Added new stock! Currently have over 1400 coils for sale! Come and get em!


Updated OP with Midweek madness sale!


Now buying rift for 655c, over 1 million coin in the bakset!


Still buying more rift if anyone has any for sale! Cheers


New stock available! 150+ of every Adv. Coil!


Thanks you Vansten!

Quick hand trade and a tax break, an excellent deal.


Running a sale on Advanced Centraforge Coils!
Have nearly 200 @ 1540c each!


Bah when I needed coils your shop was out lol! Also I noticed a price difference between your outlet and main shop, is that intentional?


Which outlet? Because I just went around and demolished a bunch of them because I hadnt touched any of them in months (hence the price difference)


Not sure which mall it was in I went through a bunch looking for decent prices. Your shop is my go to, also showed my friends. Ended up buying the few I needed from Lake, figured you had gone on vacation or something =)


Currently been in the middle of uni exams, still going through em but found a few hours to process a bunch of coils


Cool, goodluck on your exams.


New stock available with more being crafted!


Updated prices.


Soon you’re contacting me so we can do a:
‘buy one persisting pie get advanced coil for free!’ :joy:


With the way coil prices are going I wouldn’t be surprised.

Unlike consumable foods and equipment coils seem to be constantly on the decline for demand, pretty much all the vets have all the coils they need unless they plan to expand, which happens less and less often, and similarly new players, which are a rare sight into themselves, can only afford a very small quantity, not to mention increased competition.


Yeah I get it, I bought quite a bunch when I was working on my new workshop but since then nothing of course. Even have a few spares now since I basically kept the old workshop with all the machines until I could completely move.

But everything seems to go down in price, shame really. We need a large influx of new players!

Who has a can of new players they can open? come on, don’t hoard those, use them! :smiley:


You are definitely the king of coils, @Vansten !
Demand defiantly lower than it used be but I still sell quite a few each week with the occasional complete buy out.
Kind of like it a mo as have several big build projects I can focus on rather than gathering mats.
Which brings up a question, if you don’t mind me asking, do you buy or gather most of your mats needed for coils?
I think I bought most of you persisting pies yesterday, @AeneaGames :smile: …stockpiling :+1:


Used to gather the gems, but last few months been buying literally everything.

I buy Gems and metals directly in store, and the rest I buy from shops as I need them. Although as it stands I have a surplus of materials which is why i need to start selling more coils.

The plan is to buy a few thousand rough umbris once it released on an Exo, even though I expect it to be high price, which is why im trying to save as much coin as I can in the meantime.