BUYING SAPPHIRE @ The Coil King! 👑


Currently buying 400k coin worth of sapphire @ 30c each!

Currently selling most coils for 1090c*, with Mixer going for 1540c and Centrafroge going or 1640c!

As of time of writing, I have 100+ of every adv. coil!

I’m also buying various gems and metals right outside my shop, if you wanna make a bit of extra money on the side. There’s over 1.5mill coin across all baskets!

How to get to us
We are In Grovidas Te Portal Seekers hub. South Side, first floor, which is easily accessible from Ultima on Eresho (see images below)

Click for Image

Plug your shop!

damn i bought an hour too early ; ;


Blimey, welcome back!.. I think :sweat_smile:…there some low low prices!


Hopefully be some stock left in 8hrs


Wow! Nice! welcome back!

You still have/had some stock at the old New Leyden Market BTW, already wondered why you didn’t pick those up!


Shop stands: 360 advanced coils
Me: Looking around
Someone: Buys all at once


Yea I did the math to buy them all and well let’s say if I wanted an extremely big workshop for no reason whatsoever(buy most of my stuff. Kind of hate crafting) I could. But that would be a huge waste on my end. So I’ll just buy enough for another full power set of machines.


I currently have coils scattered around like 8 of my old shops, all of which are still priced at like 3.5k each (except my main store)

I need to get around to collecting them all and closing most of em but ive just been lazy


Oh my! It was me! I did it! Im sorry too! But we have a guild workshop and we’ve been crafting tooooons of foods n stuff. And this totally saves us so very much time. We actually bought 15 more from another place too. I did not however buy any other types. One of our guys did get there a couple min (i mean minutes) later… Nothing, whole shop was completely empty. Wow that was a HOT sale! …to be specific, i bought the mixer coils…


Be ready…


Hmmm hope they get put out when I’m awake and on.


Il be putting out what I have crafted once I get back tonight. Once i’m out of coils it will likely be a week or two before I have any more given how long it takes to refine materials and craft on this scale.

In other news, i also plan to put out request baskets tonight for various materials, including metals, gems, and compact clay (because i need a lot of bricks)


Welp I’ll probably miss the sale again. Good thing I can just pay my guildmates to buy em.


Restocked 50 of each coil (except centraforge because there still crafting)

Get em while there hot!


Insert evil maniacal laugh


Nice to see you back vansten. Leave some for me :smiley:


Update - Added a bunch of request baskets outside!

If you wanna help me make coils faster come sell me your stuff!


Come buy my refined gems :wink:

Also thanks for selling me 1/3rd of your coils that we’re cooking. Well minus forge. Don’t forge anyway so they’d be a waste for me


Hmm, no more mixer coils :frowning:


Refreshed stock with more coils, Including centraforge. Come and get em!