Buying solidifyer/magnet/glow

Can anyone tell me where/if u can make it is a solidifier/magnet/glow thing for hunting/mining
@whitelet @KArios u guys capable of it

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Try Fantasy Tree or EZPZ

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Where’s ezpz

Umm, everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a big portal at Brown Town

Ty and is it the store or mall
Because ik where mall is

Both I’d assume. They definitely stock a lot of things in their main hub area

Is auto harvest part of magnet

Magnet is auto harvest.


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We sell solidifies and glow loot sticks separately . If you need totems with glow loot and solidify I’ll make you a bunch

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Ty and how much is it gonna cost. Also I don’t care what item totem is nice and preferable so yeah I’ll take a totem

Solidify only goes on totems I’ll do wayfarers for you.

Don’t worry about cost I’ll make you a few stacks. I’ll let you know when they’re ready


Aww thanks so much. Also I’m hoping this is the correct way to use this to say thanks😘


no problem! I made 4 stacks for you, let me know how you want to pick them up :slight_smile:


I’ll come pick it up when my hunt finishes

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