Buying the best long ranged grapple

Buying a max range grapple just fully maxed out as possible :slight_smile:

let me know thx

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Rift grapples have the longest range in the game.

I know i changed it for confusion lol thanks tho

We sell Max range grapples (70m) at the Golden fist for 30k.

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Are you looking for a particular grapple? Like Gem or Lucent? Or Just maxed range?
I have Max Range Diamond Grapples for sale at my Shop Castle Forged on Ceph Merica.
They are only 13K

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I can max you a luncent but need time to prepare.

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Gondors Forge Makes The 85m rift grapples >.> but they :snail:
Major Look Mwahahaha

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Oop I read the title as “…long range apples” :joy:


i know and i bought one but they are just 70m range is that like maxed out?

85m O_O yeah i got a long range one but its also slow

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i will have a look matey

like a apple in banana shape?

sounds interesting! what would it roughly be as for stats?

I could maybe do length. Dura, Projectile speed, or reel speed. Can only do 2 type gums so I can not do both speeds.

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make me a few and let me know i’m more concerned about the range and reel speed i don’t care about durability as much (so when i i shoot it, i don’t have to wait long) now i can shoot it at the target and make myself a coffee first

I call them LongJohns.


For the grapple to get to the target fast you will want projectile speed.

I guess projectile speed and reel speed is in same Category? So you cant get both

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Projectile is effect and reel lightness or the opposite. When forging to 480 it is easier to only use two types of gum.

With the add of length with longevity gum it would not be enough space. Someone may be able to do 480 with 3 gums but I am not that person.

I try to keep the forge to a 30min window.

I personally use emerald grapple with the 3 types.


As i forge normal gems different.

You will not find a better faster grapple.
Testing previously with rift i found slow and sluggish.

I have an extra 360 rank emerald if you would like to try.


i just use longevity and fire away so to say. I dont usually care too much anything else.
I usually get my grapples to 310-330 depending on rng.
But im a basic forger.