Buying Warm Red Gleam, LuckyLotus

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LuckyLotus needs 1,400 Warm Red Gleam. Will to pay 40c a piece.

for those ignorant peasants, such as myself, where are you located?

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Kasai & Kori. You can find my portal on Portal Seekers, Biitula. Nani! Tool & Forge. It is a 2x2 portal.

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Ya coming? Or do you need me to come to you?

soz for getting your expectations up, I don’t have any but thought it useful for those who do.

Oh it’s all good.

Warm Red Gleam FTW
…I usually can’t buy very much of it - haven’t yet found any outside of GU =[

Code Gleam would break our wallets lol

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Yep too late for me lol, probably will break my wallet a few times more at least
Good luck!

Thanks. Lol

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