Bye Boundless


Ill still be checking in every once in a while and gathering stuff but i will no longer be actively forging for the community or taking orders for gear i now understand why a large group left completely after the last major forge update we have hundreds of ingredients that have been rendered useless by the devs because they have no regard for the community we’ve been at this way too long for them to not have learned from their mistakes


Would you be able to elaborate on what those mistakes are? If possible, could you also provide details of which ingredients you think are useless?

The devs do listen to feedback and will always welcome ideas on how improvements can be made. Just bare in mind they are a small team though, so some things may not get actioned for a while.


If they did listen they would have left forging alone


They do listen, but in some cases they don’t action things that people want as they have to see the bigger picture and balance the game in such a way that more content can be added later without exponential curves.

Would I be right in saying that one of the “mistakes” you are referring to is with the reduced flexibility of gem/special gear?

What I’m trying to get at is, if you don’t state a specific reason for not liking something, nothing will ever change about it.


I can still make my diamond aoe hammers and sapphire axes and shovels reliably. What did they change?


As @Stretchious asked…can you be more specific about what ingredients are useless.


I’d love to know what you think is wrong also, that has caused you to feel it is useless. I am just now starting to learn how to forge and so wonder what problems I can run into.

What ingredients are useless now that I have been stocking up on to use as I forge? Are they going to be too hard to get, to many needed? Take too long to gather, what is wrong with what has been changed?

This inquiring mind would love and in some ways needs to know so I can make the decision on forging.


My personal suggestion is to just play and enjoy the game. Some game mechanics are more or less balanced and no one in history of gaming has ever fixed that.

Players complain coz in end game you can sit on top of resources like 400k of stones or thousands of gems and hunreds of tools. It surely is an issue but there is a loooong way before you until you reach that game stage.


How is it an issue? Isn’t that the nature of the game? Collect stuff to make stuff to collect more stuff faster?


I am going to have to retract the statement that I made I instead of being able to go in and check for myself I was a bit premature in making that statement I was able to go in and check and my recipe still works everybody in my house that place boundless was kind of in an uproar about changes done to forging unfortunately I’m the only forger in my house


I’m not going to say it… lol… but we all know what I’m thinking. :joy: