C++ Settlement with active player hub


The purpose of this thread is to connect with active C++ players looking to bunker down in a central location and be apart of our growing settlement.

Server: TESTUS2
Easiest way to find us is teleport to TESTUS1 --> Teleport to the Capital --> Then walk through the portal which takes you direct to our location on TESTUS2. There are caves, lakes, and plenty of space to do your thing.

Location: Camera position[1594.00, 72.00, 335.00]
To access this information press the “.” also known as the full stop key on your keyboard.

See you in game,


IGN: Ferallonewolf created this badass view today.
View from TESTUS2 world through the portal into TESTUS1.

Simple, still gets me excited. Come join us


we starting a small seattle on Testeu2, to find us go throw the portal on Testeu1 Capital.


I went to TestUS1 Capital and I didn’t see a portal. I saw a tower up a hillside and headed toward it but as I got to the base of the hill the client crashed with a memory access error and locked my machine up, hard. Where is this portal relative to the landing site in the capital?

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Saint_X, came across your settlement today. Some impressive creations there!

I opted for US server to have a high chance of players in similar time zones, mainly Aus and US.
Never really play EU. I will look into time difference.

Today we had 6 players running around which was awesome considering my first 30 hours of game play I hadn’t seen a sole in sight.

Either way will pop in from time to time :wink:

Brook, I will jump in game now and come meet you.

This is the portal you need to walk through from TESTUS1 Capital, it should drop you right out front of it.

Hope that helps


I was headed in the right direction, but the crash impeded me. I found the settlement and I’m digging in.


We also have a settlement in the TestEU1 server
instead of walking in the portal, walk backwards over the mountain

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I would like to add, as the creator of the settlement, that people who build would please not alter or destroy the terrain unless absolutely nesicary. I know it sounds dumb, but I’m a strong believer in adapting to the land around us, not the other way around.

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With infinite mode seemingly missing, where do you suggest we get materials?

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dying or mining^^

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Will builds/creations be wiped from this test build though? (sorry if already answered)

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ok than we have now 3 small towns, on each server 1

i used mining ^^

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sadly yes :c
That’s why I don’t want to build anything big

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i think every one build online small houses to testing new things, no one will build bigger buildings


Aren’t the builds in the boundless universe now,going to be wiped before the full release?

Yes, they will be wiped. The time for the wipe is not defined (Maybe with one of the next upcomming updates already).

From a PM between james and the Kovah project planners:

The game will keep iterating from now until the official release. Whilst the C++ version is in a Steam beta it will be in quite a bit of flux. Once it moves to the main Early Access build it’ll be more stable - but even then I don’t think we can make any promises about retaining worlds from before 1.0 post 1.0.

Hope this is helpful, but don’t be dissuaded from building cool things! You never know when somebody might be recording a YouTube video or promotion.


How do you get onto testsu1