Camouflage armor/cloak?

Just got the sneaky idea for an armor or cloak that gives you to look of two blocks of a specific material when standing still for a short while. Just think about a wood armor that turnes you to two blocks of wood of the color you used to make the armor. Would be good to hide in the woods… Or the same for dirt or stone for hiding in caves. I think that would be real neat in pvp and also for pve if creatures react different when you are hidden.

What do you think about it?

Ps: it would be quick implemented for you devs: to add the “camouflaged look” just keep Lester and give him textures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anything for lester :lester:


I actually really like this idea! I was also thinking it might be cool to have a mechanic that keeps you hidden from view even if you’re within direct line of sight to another person. Kinda like how in wot. there is a maximum spotting range on each vehicle, and you spot someone without fail within a small number of blocks. This would maybe make pvp a little more fair for close range fighters, without having to nerf long range weapons in the process.

From your last two posts i assume that you have played quite a bit of metal gear solid lately.


japp, I did … the marking weapon is right inspired by it ^^ But the idea of the armor is more one of Tolkien (Elven Cloak :wink: )

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