Can a character be moved accounts?

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After a long break partly caused by the death of my ps4 I’m looking to try and come back, but I no longer have my ps4. I do however have a pretty nice gaming pc that I bought boundless on but never got motivated Into playing on due to the tens of thousands of plots I would lose, access to beacons etc.

Can all the stuff on account A be moved to account B? Both are in my name etc and thought it may be possible and worth asking as a result


as much as i want to support this bro, I’m afraid this is not possible.
because well lets be realistic if it gets done for one it has to be done for another.
or you will end up getting a lot of issues and complaints ‘‘but he’’, your best shot would have been a private message towards James directly.
maybe someday migration would be possible :man_shrugging:


We don’t support moving characters between PS4 and PC.

No problem, thanks for the quick response. Can close this down :slight_smile: suppose I will just have to wait around until I can get my hands on a PS5, don’t fancy the grind again lol

Shame it isn’t, wouldnt have been comfortable if it was a one off favour for a player tbh. Just didn’t know if it was in game. Never mind I guess :grinning:

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Make a PC character and give it permission to everything. Then just do a quick level-up. You can keep plots, items, coins…


Problem is I haven’t got a ps4, so can’t get on to give perms to everything, not to mention there’s about 40k plots on it too. Did think of that route but it’s a messy workaround really, needing to fuel it rather than GC etc too

You better start the grind right now if you ever imagine playing on PC because the next update will make the plot grind take twice as long.

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It’s a shame yea

If that’s the case I definitely won’t be lol. They increasing the xp per level or beefing crafting again :rofl::rofl:

I would hazard the guess that psn is the problem since characters and microtransactions are tied to a psn id, there are no online games on ps4 that i have played that support transfer from console to pc, this includes Warframe, Neverwinter, ESO, startrek online, path of exile and black desert


This :point_up:


Destiny 2, Smite (and I think) Fornite and Minecraft.

I obviously do not work for any of these companies so I do not know the specifics on the agreements they have with all of the platforms, but I do know that premium currency for these games do not transfer across platforms. Also, entitlements purchased via that platform’s storefront also do not. The way Destiny 2 does it (since that is the one I have the most experience with), all content, cosmetics, etc. are now purchased via premium currency via the in game store. Premium currency can only be acquired via real world money. Your entitlements purchased via the game store and all of your characters/progress transfers between platforms. Your premium currency or entitlements purchased outside of the in game store (via the platform’s storefront) do not transfer. For example, I own Destiny 2 Forsaken on Xbox One. This was before the cross platform model they use now. I cannot play Forsaken content on PC. I got Shadowkeep via the in game store and I can play it on PC and PS4.

The issue is that Boundless mixes premium currency purchased via real world money with currency earned via leveling (Cubits). They would have to be split apart to allow for cross platform transfer. Also Gleam Club is purchased via platform’s storefronts so it would be impossible for it to transfer unless it was also purchased in game as well. I would love to see more cross platform transfers, especially for Boundless as I am a big supporter of the whole concept (especially if Boundless comes to more platforms in the future!), but I can understand it would likely be a lot of work and might not even be possible without major overhauls to the game itself.

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As a former Gamestop manager (and they would hate me for mentioning this)…they DO have a 7 day, NO questions asked return policy on used game consoles…cough, wink, cough…:thinking::grin:


Hey Ghandy, do you have some one close to you who can access you account on a ps4 and help you get your stuff?
I just got a PC and started over… I did not start using my old stuff for a little bit because I need to level, but it’s been nice having my things.

Good luck! You might want to consider getting another ps4… it is kind of nice to have the plots back.

Sadly I’m in UK :rofl::rofl:

I had considered another ps4 but tbh it would be dead money as i would get a PS5 eventually, and I have a very nice PC to keep me busy

I hear you, I probably wouldn’t spend the money on one either… but what Zadouch said is not a bad idea.

Eventually when you do get a ps5 it will all just be a bonus. I found it a lot easier to start over than it was to play originally. Just understanding the game itself makes it so much easier. Coin is much easier to obtain now and everything is so much cheaper. I found that by just doing objectives, I was leveling fast.

Good luck!

It always annoys me when someone says It should be easy to do :insert thing here:.
First, the only one who gets to say that is a dev working on the project.
And second, if it were easy, they’d likely have done it already and since they haven’t, it’s not.


I am so guilty of this, but seeing as Gamestop offers pennies for trade ins I don’t feel guilty abusing things like their “no questions asked 7 day return policies” lol

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