Can goo be used as a decoration above ground?

As the thread title asks …
Can goo be used as a decoration above ground … like combustion/kindling can? I did this with kindling. Made a temp cover till it was fully grown then removed it.

I am in the designing stages of a goo display. This will not be for farming but rather to have an interesting element to my area that shows what goo I’ve collected over time.

I’d like it to be open air. So eventually removing the lava once the goo has matured fully.

Figured I’d ask here first before I tried to experiment with the small amount of kernels I have.

Thank you in advance

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:wave: i don’t do farms myself, but i DO KNOW that its not possible, it has to hang at all times from below block :slight_smile:

you can test this, it will tell you check block orientation :slight_smile:

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Yes, from the block. Just like kindling still needs to be on soil. But the lava can be removed. yes? and any other blocks on that second layer.

I figured that would have to be , so keeping that block and it’s color in mind (probably white)

But that block, with the goo hanging from it, can be in open air after it’s grown? That’s the question.

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technically , you only need gleam to make kindling grow, as long it has no direct sunlight.
lava will just increase yields, but has no effect if you just use is as decoration.

yes it can :slight_smile: same for kindling


Yes, you can. You’ll need to cover it and block all light, like you do with kindling. You don’t need lava, especially if it’s for decor and you aren’t going to harvest it. Just plant it on gleam or rock.


Perfect. Thank you for the fast reply guys. :slight_smile:
I hate working with lava anyway.

This can be closed now.
hugs and marshmallows


Closed at OP’s request.