Can hammers like these still be made? If so, looking to buy multiple SS of them


This is my last of my “god hammers” for T6 worlds (combined with strength brews for quick, easy one-shotting).

I believe I had been purchasing these before the big forge nerf… however long ago that was now.

Is this even possible anymore? What’s the closest we can get to this hammer, if not?

Thanks in advance. <3

EDIT: No longer need the hammers. Thank you all for the info. :slight_smile:

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.The short answer is yes. They can be forged faster, and stronger.

This looks like +8 DMG, +8 Speed, + All adjacent.

They can be forged to 10/10/All.

+9 speed puts you right at the speed cap (123 of 125) but +10 damage still won’t 1-hit T6 rocks with no brew.

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Yeah I use strength brew with a fast hammer. :slight_smile:
That’s awesome to hear, thank you Nightstar!! When they changed forging, I thought maybe it was the end of being able to max, or near-max hammers.
I’m really not familiar with the current process of forging though. No clue what it takes anymore.

Okay everyone, I’d like to buy like 5 SS of +9 Speed, +8-10 damage, All adjacent. XD

+8 damage if it makes it cheaper.


I bought hammers just like that from @Nightstar for only 1000 coins!!! He’s the best!!!

Totally a joke


Just went to a nearby tool shop and found these for 8k.


I don’t forge like that but you should be able to get what you need in short order.

@redlotus :rofl:


I sell these hammers at Sydney Supplies on Lasaina. All my Topaz hammers have minimum +40 speed, just need the strength brew for T6 with level 8 damage.


That’s awesome, thanks so much!! I’ll check this out. :slight_smile:

And the place is empty :cry:

The legend himself! Happy to see you active again :grin:

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I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know if you’re talking about me or someone else here. XD Because although I’ve been here from the very beginning, I feel like I haven’t been as consistently active in the community as many of you fine folk…

but. HIIIIII Red <3 Been a long while. :slight_smile: The Monumental news has reignited my passion for the game a bit, as before I was really worried it would not continue.


Of course you. No one has a similar legendary cool-pic-with-Luna (it was Luna right? Or am I imagining the name?) Haha.

Same. I stopped playing for a good long time (just refueling beacons) until we received the Monumental news.


Oh wow, how did you remember my cat’s name? XD Yeah it’s Luna. :slight_smile: She’s the best. And simultaneously the worst.

Glad to hear you’re back too. :smiley: I’ve always been /around/… watching… waiting for something to happen, haha. And refueling every few months. I actually started working on a massive maze not too long ago. Need to finish that…


Maybe you found the old Sydney Forge, someone did buy most of the T6 topaz hammers, but there was still a few left plus I added a few more smart stacks today. Sydney Supplies, just behind the spark, glue and charcoal shop is where the new forge shop is located.

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Wow wow I need to avoid those “need to finish” vibes. I am now a new Oortian who finishes his projects :joy:

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