Can I change my name now?

Hey Oortains,it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you guys. Your all looking lovely as usual,but I would like to change my name and email while still keeping the account I have now. Is this possible at the moment. @claudiotolomei ??

Hi G-Sage.
Let me check with our system managers and i’ll let you know. Thanks for stick with us. A lot to come soon :wink:


Oh oh im so excited :smile:

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@claudiotolomei you’re very welcome,thank you!

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Hello @G-Sage . You can change your email via This is our old game portal.

  1. Sign in using your current username and password.

  2. Click on the 3 bar icon as seen in the screenshot.

  3. Click [SETTING] as seen in the screenshot. It will display the menu to change your password.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the username at this point in time. We may support character names in the future for Boundless. Sorry about this.


Ok,thank you so much!!

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Awesome, had this question myself. :grinning:

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