Can i get source blocks for water/lava

i was told if i ask nice i might get some source blocks so im asking with all the love in my heart can i please get some


Sure,ask a dev. @ben. Message him.

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ok thanks but can you tell me how to do that my bro is the 1 that does all this stuff. so let me get this right i messege dev @ben

Yeah,just click this @Ben and then go to the message box,and ask for whatever you need. It might take a day or two for him to respond, he’s busy working on the game.

ok thanks your the best have a grate day/night

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I’m around if anyone wants lava / water blocks? Just let me know the world and your coordinates.

ok my world is vadvy and coordinates are 360.14,67.90,743.70 i want lava and water blocks plz

Hey @james or @ben, can you bestow upon me a holy water block here: -314.52, 90.68, -622.52?

Which world?

Oops, agabab. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I’ll sign in now - you need to be there to get the blocks.

Currently online: Kovah -190, -90. Water and lava please?
edit: I’m going to go afk a few hours. If you get to this request, just dump the blocks on me. I have empty bag space.

Still around? I can sign in now.

I’m out to lunch, I can be back in 20, but I left my character online near those coordinates

Think your avatar might have been pigged.

Hah! I left myself on top of a few leaf blocks to prevent that- I will be on shortly

He even ate your boots. (I’ll still be around in 20, ping me.)

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Well, I came back to my screen being black with “unknown error” so I don’t know what went on there. On now though!

Some people just can’t be trusted with water/lava blocks. PS HAVE FUN SOMEWHERE ELSE!

On a side note, I’ll be needing new water/lava source blocks tomorrow as @HappyMaskSalesman killed me and took them only 10 minutes after @james gave them to me.

its not in the cap so its fine right? if not im sorry and you shouldn’t play in lava you will die.